Exposition Abuse

I’m really not a fan of the exposition abuse I see in stories. Sometimes, there will be conversations that are just exposition - explaining something a character should already be well aware of just for the reader in a way that feels unnatural.
Some exposition is necessary, especially for elaborate fantasy worlds just so the reader understands the basic workings. Generally, though, it’s better to show, not tell. Not everything needs a long winded explanation and you also don’t have to go through everything at once. Take your time, drop hints here and there (readers can pick up on details, don’t treat them like they’re idiots!), and make the worldbuilding slow and steady instead of dumping a bunch of information out at once.
Too much exposition too fast can be really annoying and confusing, as well as derail the story.


I’m not a fan of it either. I think it exists because, like you’re kind of referencing here, figuring out just the right amount of subtle narrative exposition can be very difficult to do. I’ve actually seen a fair amount of fantasy stories that (in my mind) would improve quite a bit without the “how the kingdom came to be” exposition in their first episode.



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