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What do you think about mafia story ? Do you think that it’s noxious or it isn’t ?


As an italian, I find it disgusting that people are romanticizing mafia criminals. What is romantic about assassins? It’s outrageous.
I’d like to say a lot more about those kind of people and what they actually do but I think my comment would get banned for grafic language.


it’s overused and over glamorised :skull:


It’s true, I’ve seen a lot of reports on the mafia and it doesn’t correspond at all to the stories I’ve read.


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Of course it’s exciting to read about a handsome criminal/killer/slasher that will be turned into a fluffy papa/mama by the oh so innocent main character (who is mostly a very naive woman/man to believe that that handsome criminal/killer/slasher has a good heart and can’t be that bad.) :clown_face: :woman_facepalming: (Using a lot of sarcasm over here.)
What bothers me is that most of the mafia stories aren’t a realistic view about how the mafia in real life really is.

What I mean:

  • How come that the innocent MC always ends in an alley (after a night out alone), where he/she witnesses the LI butcher one of his/her victims to pulp?;
  • There is always the famous sentence: ‘I will never hurt you, babe. I only kill my enemies, that are bigger criminals and not innocent either.’ (:scream: WTF you’re criminal, innocent or not you took a persons life!);
  • And no not every criminal/mob lives in Italy (country) or New York (place). You have criminals/mobs all over the world and they are not all handsome. Most criminals/mobs are old ugly men (think about Al Capone).;
  • Why do MC and LI always meet in dark alleys? I should definitely avoid dark alleys. If you need to go home late, walk near by the light at public streets near by houses and if you can’t do that call a cab. :woman_facepalming:

Love A-W


I find them very rarely a hit, yes its definitely glorifying something that should be, but isn’t most of episode??

My main issue is how repetitive they are, MC gets found by mafia and brought in, she trains to become a part of the gang and somehow falls in love with the mafia boss. Rinse and repeat, yawnnn.

How many times can we repeat the same story? Most of the LI’s are awful people too with no redeeming qualities.


No different than pirate, viking, assassin, politician, model, spies, or Hollywood or medieval, law/crime, or period drama, war/military stories or high school stories…they’re all romanticized, all highly glamorized, all have pretty MCs and LI’s. None realistic. I’ve never seen a realistic pirate or spy story here or in general media. What even is a real spy? We civilians technically would never know how they really work anyway. People in organized crime are also pretty tight-lipped. So, same idea.

This is a storytelling thing that goes deeper than one genre. Also realism isn’t always a storytelling goal, it has its place for certain and you definitely shouldn’t put incorrect ideas into people’s head if you can help it, but maybe don’t single out one genre when they all do this. If the Gray Wolf Gang was your idea of what organized crime is in real life then…that may be on the reader admittedly.

@Rubae_Epi You said that far more succintly than me. Just reread your response lol. Gotta work on my brevity.


I hate them. There are only a few good mafia stories I’ve read involving the mafia.


I’m not a big fan of mafia stories but I have read a few that were really good. I think it’s important for the author of a mafia story to keep in mind that their mafia characters are villains and they shouldn’t romanticise them too much. It does give the author a great way to set up a redemption arc. What I personally do not like at all is when mafia get’s mixed with high school or fantasy. When the story starts to make no sense anymore or seems too unrealistic for a mafia story, that’s when I click out.


This is a little personal, but my story got banned because I used the word ‘mulatto’ one time in a story placed before the American Civil War (it’s fine tho, I corrected it and now my story is back), but for episode it is okay to display stories where the LI is literally a murderer. And this is my problem with maffia stories, it’s cliché, and (well, it’s maybe just me) but I have no desire to get close to a criminal who’s job is drug trafficking and killing ‘bad’ people. Oh, and has toxic masculinity traits and/or is an abuser.


I think the problem most people have with this genre is a combination of a couple different factors. First, like it or not, this is a 12+ app. Which means children who haven’t developed their critical thinking skills are reading these stories. Second, pop culture and storytelling affects our perception of reality. When you hear or see something time and time again, it tends to get lodged in your brain as fact unless you make an effort to investigate the topic and educate yourself. For example, because of the insane amount of werewolf stories out there, most people think there’s such a thing as Alphas, Betas, and Omegas in a wolf pack. This is 100% false, yet it keeps getting repeated as though it’s true. When you combine these two factors, you end up with young people (and honestly some adults as well) developing the wrong impression of a very serious issue as if it’s a fact.

This is why I think so many people are against “mafia” stories in particular on this app. These are brutal organizations run by individuals who murdered their way to the top. They kill adults, women, children, and even family members to secure their position. Their “business” is built on profiting from the suffering of others. So it’s understandable why some people would have a problem with such individuals being portrayed as misunderstood bad boys who only kill other criminals and people who deserve it. The concern is people will develop the wrong opinion of the mafia and not take the threat they pose to society seriously. I get the impression most people would have a very different view of these stories if they were about terrorists (which, depending on your point of view, they already are just by another name).

Since, generally speaking, younger minds are more easily influenced by such things, that’s why I believe many have a problem with the proliferation of these stories on a story app aimed at children. If this were a mature rated app I think you would see a lot less ire directed at these stories. But because it’s a 12+ app, the desire to “protect the children” is strong in some. It’s important to understand that while adults read/watch stories for entertainment and escapism, every day, at all levels of education, stories are used to teach children about the world around them. Those stories help shape their reality and to some extent their values as they grow into adults (hence why Florida is on a book banning spree at the moment). Because of this, you will always see people complaining about how terrible these stories are on this app.