Exquisite Edits For Free! *CLOSED*

This is closed seeing as I will not be doing edits anymore. I’m sorry to everyone I’ve wronged and who didn’t get a request and i’ve had extreme amounts of fun while I was here. Bye :heart:

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want me to pm you all the examples also put them on a catogary

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Yes please :slight_smile:

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pm me the member list

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All of these are traced from various different artists from instagram! You cant do that


which one and take this to pm

Woah, what? At least credit them… :unamused:


Thanks so much for the edits!!
Male Or Female: Female
Hair Color: Long Braids Black
Eye Color: Upturned Feline Brown
Skin Color: Dark
Would You Like Contouring (aka just ending makeup effects)?: Yes
Slit In The Eyebrow?: Yes
Any Piercings?: Nose stud piercing
Glasses?: None
Character Looking Forward Or Sideways?: Forwards

Thanks again :slight_smile: My instagram is @calliah.writes if you ever need to contact me :heart:

Hey, just wanted to say that your edits are amazing and i’d like to request!

Male Or Female: Female
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown
Skin Color: Honey
Would You Like Contouring (aka just ending makeup effects)?: Yes plss
Slit In The Eyebrow?: Slit in the left eyebrow
Any Piercings?: Nope.
Glasses?: Nope.
Character Looking Forward Or Sideways? Forward

Tysm, and take your time girl! :purple_heart:

You’re very right! I’m sorry, it was extremely idiotic of me to not credit the wonderful artist I drew these off of. I will take this thread down and give credit where it is needed. I apologize greatly for my mistakes. :heart:

You’re right. It was silly of me to not give credit where it was needed. I’ll be taking this thread down and crediting the artist properly. I apoligize greatly for my mistakes :heart:

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Best of luck with everything! :heart:

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Closing thread :slight_smile:

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