Exquisite Edits For Free! *CLOSED*


This is closed seeing as I will not be doing edits anymore. I’m sorry to everyone I’ve wronged and who didn’t get a request and i’ve had extreme amounts of fun while I was here. Bye :heart:


want me to pm you all the examples also put them on a catogary


Yes please :slight_smile:


pm me the member list


Hi it’s Cayla! I actually think your art is to die for! Would you mind if I requested even though i’m in @Cayla_Episode_101 too? :grin: (Please!)


Male Or Female: Female
Hair Color: platinum blonde with red tips
Eye Color: deep green
Skin Color: like beige/tan
Would You Like Contouring (aka just ending makeup effects)?: YAAAASS (and red eyeshadow plz)
Slit In The Eyebrow?: yes pleaseeee
Any Piercings?: nose piercing and lip piercing
Glasses?: no thanks
Character Looking Sideways please like in your 3rd example
(I know you said you would pick the pose, but if possible, i dont really NEED it but if possible, could she have her toungue sticking out with a toungue piercing? Only if you want tho…)


All of these are traced from various different artists from instagram! You cant do that


which one and take this to pm


Woah, what? At least credit them… :unamused:


Thanks so much for the edits!!
Male Or Female: Female
Hair Color: Long Braids Black
Eye Color: Upturned Feline Brown
Skin Color: Dark
Would You Like Contouring (aka just ending makeup effects)?: Yes
Slit In The Eyebrow?: Yes
Any Piercings?: Nose stud piercing
Glasses?: None
Character Looking Forward Or Sideways?: Forwards

Thanks again :slight_smile: My instagram is @calliah.writes if you ever need to contact me :heart:


Hey, just wanted to say that your edits are amazing and i’d like to request!

Male Or Female: Female
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown
Skin Color: Honey
Would You Like Contouring (aka just ending makeup effects)?: Yes plss
Slit In The Eyebrow?: Slit in the left eyebrow
Any Piercings?: Nope.
Glasses?: Nope.
Character Looking Forward Or Sideways? Forward

Tysm, and take your time girl! :purple_heart:


You’re very right! I’m sorry, it was extremely idiotic of me to not credit the wonderful artist I drew these off of. I will take this thread down and give credit where it is needed. I apologize greatly for my mistakes. :heart:


You’re right. It was silly of me to not give credit where it was needed. I’ll be taking this thread down and crediting the artist properly. I apoligize greatly for my mistakes :heart:


Best of luck with everything! :heart:


Closing thread :slight_smile: