EXT. aparments?


I need help please
does someone have exterior outside apartment pictures I can use as a background please possible with a road outside it to park a motorcycle
please and thank u so much


Lol search it up and see the options that look like that


Search where?


In google and look at the image


Then save it and then upload it


I’ve tried that :sweat_smile:
I found some but they were to small and I don’t know how to resize


Go to simple image resizer and resize it there :slight_smile:


What’s that :sweat_smile:


It is a website where u can resize it or would u like me to do it for u?


Can you do it I don’t even know where to begin though I probably should learn :sweat_smile:


Ok send me the pic



Will that do?


Do u aant it to be two panels or three?


In episode when u put it is says two or three


Don’t matter to me lol




They should both work but idk what u wanted so i resized it in both ways


You won’t be able to use this because there is a watermark


Sorry didn’t know that