EXT. ATLANTA - NIGHT automatically moving across the screen in a loop?



So I’m trying to use the EXT. ATLANTA - NIGHT background and for some reason it’s moving right away without me telling it to. Anyone know why this is and how to stop it?


That’s odd
That bg shouldn’t even be able to move.
The web previewer tend to be glitchy
Try testing out on the app previewer.


It’s doing it in the app too. Is it maybe not compatible with limelight for some reason?


No… it should be fine. I’d fill out a ticket to admin.


That background has always been a moving looping background. It was used in the Demi Lovato series for the bus driving scenes. If you want to have a still background, save the image from the art catalog and upload it as your own background.


There is it!


Thank you!


Glad this got resolved! Closing :v:t2: