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Hey everyone,
following your comments here -> Jewish people representation in Episode

I have decided to open a subject in order to give you some information about Jewish people and our culture :slight_smile:
Important notes:
1.English isn’t my native language so if I do any mistakes please let me know
2. No politics please!
3. If you have any question don’t be shy, ask me whatever you need even if you think you’re rude by asking it!
4. I will not talk about the bible as it’s subject is too large. if you need any help with that let me know!
5. 6.4m Jews live in Israel and 5.7M jews live in the Usa, there are small communities of jewish people everywhere around the world expect some of the Islamic countries.

Here some notes that I think you should know if you want to start writing a character and confused :slight_smile:

  1. *What’s Ashkenazi\Sfaradi?"
    I won’t get much into details about how it happened but it’s important for you to know the difference.
    The Judaism is divided to ethnic groups. the main ones are “Ashkenazim” And “Sfaradim” also “Ethiopian” which isn’t much but it’s important to know them

Ashkenazi Jewish -> Jewish who used to live in Europe, some include Russian jews as well.
Sfaradi Jewish (Sfaradi=“Spanish”) -> After Alhambra Decree (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alhambra_Decree) Sfaradi jews moved to Africa or the middle east. (Exclude Israel)
Ethiopian jewish - Jews who started to arrived from Ethiopia to israel in the 90’s.
Ugandan Jews- Will be added soon.

There’s still so much to say about it but it’s not really necessary, you just need to know the difference.

  1. Hair & Skin color
    For some reason some people think most of the Jews has ginger hair color.
    This is false - as most of us usually with brown eyes & brown hair. it is also up to if you’re Ashkenzi, Sfaradi or Ethiopian.
    It’s mixed. if you see a jewish person with green eyes it probably means that he is Sfaradi and Blue eyes is Ashkenazi.
    Skin color - every skin color is acceptable!
    Ashkenazi will likely to be brighter than the Sfaradi and Ethiopian is usually dark.
    It is mixed as well :slight_smile: you can also see here Ethiopian people with green eyes or Sfaradi with really really light skin :slight_smile:

The reason for this stereotype -> (special thanks to @helen790)

I actually know a bit about the Jewish ginger stereotype, it originated during the Spanish Inquisition. Historically red hair has been seen as a symbol of corruption, ancient peoples associated it with vampirism and witchcraft and other “evil” things, so during the Spanish Inquisition when Jewish people were being sought out as "heretics"for not worshiping Jesus the association between red hair and Judaism was made as another way to identify them.
People, either to reinforce this stereotype or as a result of it, started depicting Judas as having red hair in artwork and the idea that he was a ginger also persisted through the ages. Writers, most notably Shakespeare, also hopped on the Antisemitism bandwagon and started portraying anti-Semitic caricatures as being gingers.

  1. Big nose
    False, not all of us have big nose.

  2. *Music?
    (Note: This is specifically for israeli Jews, I’m not sure about those who live in America tbh)
    We LOVE music!
    From Pop->
    To Rock ->
    And even Rap ->

  3. Attitude?
    (Note: This is specifically for israeli non-observant Jews, I’m not sure about those who live in America and if you need any kind of help with those are are religions i can help you with that as well. just ask!)
    Most of the israelis are rude, that’s a fact. we don’t know how to stand in lines and is a big no no :stuck_out_tongue:
    But we’re also the kind of people that if you fall in the middle of the street everyone will literally stop everything they do just to help you stand up and check if you’re okay, we care about each other a lot and this is one of the reasons I love my people so much :wink: We have no shame to flirt with you and and most of us hate bullshit - we rather say the truth in your face instead of just lying to you or play with your feelings.
    (I.e. is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g9sBLBHXVP0 )
    Also, even though we are rude- I think even more than Americans you still won’t see Danielle bregoli or lil tay in here since respect to elders is important to us.

  4. Holocaust Humor?
    I believe y’ll at least heard once what the holocaust is. if not - I think even as a person you need to know what it is… go read about it.

Just like american teens, we love black humor. we laugh about everything and it includes the Holocaust. but there’s a line you can’t cross - i don’t know how to really explain this but if you’re willing to make any kind of holocaust joke in your story let me know in order for it to not hurt anyone… i suggest you not to do it though

  1. Clothes
    The religious girls wear a scarf, similar to the Muslim’s and a skirt.
    The religious boys wear Kippah, of course there’s more than it but Episode didn’t bother putting it lol
    non-observant people usually wear american clothes.

  2. Language
    Hebrew -> Nowdays hebrew is different than the one in the bible. but we use it!
    Yidish (Mixed German and old hebrew) -> Ashkenzai jews who is also very religious use it.
    Ladino -> Old Sfaradi jewish language, not really in use anymore.
    Amharic -> The old generation of Ethiopian jews still use it, the new generation is using only hebrew now.
    Of course outside of israel the jewish people don’t speak hebrew or speak old hebrew. :slight_smile:

  3. Food
    Everything with oil goes :slight_smile:
    Most of the jews keep kosher. and what is kosher you ask?
    kosher means that you will not eat pork or shellfish (and some other meats deemed not Kosher) and not mix milk and meat.
    (Credit to @Booklady1017!)

  4. Shabbat (special thanks to @EM_EPISODE)
    You don’t have to include it but you may want to say every Friday night and Saturday is shabbat. where jews go to synagogue and don’t go on their phones and stuff. You may/may not say this. Just telling you.
    From Friday’s night (it starts with the start setting) to Saturday’s afternoon - night (it ends with the sun setting as well) we have Shabbat.
    Shabbat = Saturday in Hebrew.
    The more religious jews goes to Synagogue (our praying place) , don’t use electricity at all and of course, as God forbidden in the bible to work during Saturday, they don’t work during Saturday.
    In Israel -
    Believe it or not, but we go to school in sunday as it’s our first day of the week. our rest day is only Saturday and for some even friday.

  5. How large is the family?
    Usually the religious people contains about 8-13 kids, of course it’s not constant.
    The people who aren’t so religious usually has around 3 kids.

  6. Israeli slang?
    This video explains it very well! :slight_smile:

  7. Sigd

So I probably forgot stuff so don’t be shy and let me know if you need help! :heart::heart:
If i don’t answer in here send me a message on instagram -> Mehasels.episode

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Jewish people representation in Episode

Thank you! I gave Jewish characters (Ethiopion Jew’s) and other stories as well, (not on episode) two that take place in Julia and one in America (With protosites) And this was really helpful!


Glad to help! Let me know if you need anything! Even if your story isn’t related to episode i can help you with everything that has to do with Judaism and my culture☺


Thank you so much! ~:heart: :sparkling_heart:


I will definitely be taking this on board :raising_hand_woman:‍♀️


Thanks for posting as I am Jewish too. I agree with most of what you said. You said something about most Jews having dark hair and dark eyes? Do you mean Jews in Israel or in general? In Israel, they may be the majority but not exclusively so especially if they are recent immigrants or second generation Israelis, who could have blond or lighter hair and eyes. As for food, some keep kosher some don’t (kosher means that you will not eat pork or shellfish (and some other meats deemed not Kosher) and not mix milk and meat.


You’re right and for some reason i forgot about the Kosher stuff :joy: i will add it :slight_smile:


No problem. Thanks.


Thank you so much for writing this Shiran!!! I hope people will start including us Jews in their stories


Also love how you gave a link to מרפקים because this song is fireeeee


Are you Jewish too? Israeli? I am Jewish but American.


I am Jewish and Israeli! It’s so great to meet another Jews in this community omg


I added important informaton to the guide:grin:


RETWEET. i’m not Jewish but that diVERSITY


Thank you for this! I have a few Jewish co-workers, and one of them often jokes about being Jewish. But I’m never sure what’s appropriate to use in stories, so this is very helpful :smiley:


Sure☺ let me if you need help!


I agree it’s great. Thanks.


I am really fascinated by this thing!!
I really love ethnicities and I am looking forward to insert jewish people in my story!
Love and peace, you guys are awesome human beings!


:two_hearts::two_hearts::two_hearts: thank you!


This is a very useful guide! I hope to be able to utilize it for a main character I have who is Jewish.