Extra character needed (Closed)

Hi, I am coding my first story, College Life (Limelight)! I wanted to know if anyone is willing to be a character in my story.
I’d like to have more diverse characters in my story, so LGBT+ characters are welcome. :prideflag: :prideheart: :rainb
Here are the roles


2 mean girls :princess: (@ lar.episode, @pqstiche) [CLOSED]
College Students (I need more of those) :woman_student: (@episode.mistletoe, @Faith_mayxx, @misotasha.episode, @Some_kid, @ananya.episode ) [CLOSED]
A baseball teacher :man_teacher: :woman_teacher:(@Some_kid ) [CLOSED]
A coffee shop owner :coffee: (Aite Davis, @Elfin) [CLOSED]
3 Coffee shop customers :pouting_woman: :pouting_man: (@princesskjx3,)
A waitress :woman_cook:(@K-popcorn ) [CLOSED]
Siblings (2 female, 2 male) :woman:m :man_curly_haired: (@maddie.writess, @LynnAnn, @queenscribbles ) [CLOSED]
Parents (3 male) :family_man_woman_girl_boy: (@stormwolf.epi, @talzen, @carmen.epi ) [CLOSED]

Please write down your character’s name (First name and Last name), details, personality (optional), what role you want, outfits and how you would like to be credited, sexuality. :blob_hearts:

Also, if you just give me the details, instead of a character card, I MIGHT make you a character card. :party_time:

Thank you! :star_struck:


Maddie Nicole

She is sassy, smart and she can’t be controlled.

The female sibling

Credit: @maddie.writess

She is straight


Diamond Studded Triangle Earrings Diamond Gold
See Through Open Tied Half Sleeve Shirt Cotton Grey White
Slip On Canvas Grey Grey Dk Warm
Dragon Sleeve Tattoo Solid
Ripped Tight Leggings Denim Blue Oxford

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Aite Davis (I made up the last name lol, you could change it to whatever you want)



Kind-hearted, stubborn, a crybaby


Coffe shop owner :eyes:


There’s one in the detail card, do you need more?


No credit needed!


Pan :prideheart:

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Hi!!! omg even though I’m super awkward and shy, I wanna be a mean girl!
My name is Larina Klotz, I wanna be super fancy and rich haha
credit me with my ig lar.episode
i am bisexual
here is me:
Female Soft Body (rose 03)
Arched Natural (chestnut brown)
Short Messy Pony Tail (medium brown)
Round Medium (hazel dark)
Heart Soft
Round Button Upturned
Small Heart

my outfit:
Belted Romper Cotton Grey Black
Locket Necklace Metal Gold
Ripped Black Denim Skirt Denim
Belted Romper Cotton Grey Black

haha thx

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Madison Marie
Any role is fine!
Credit: @madisonmarie.episode on instagram
Any outfit is fine!
Sexuality: Bisexual
(If you want anything more specific feel free to DM in instagram)

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Name: Ayame Misumi

Personality: Outgoing, smart, fun, kind, caring, strong, and enjoy teasing people

Sexuality: straight

Boyfriend: Kai


Name: Kai Parker

Personality: Easygoing, funny, fun, cool, silly, charming, and lovey dovey his girlfriend

Sexuality: straight

Girlfriend: Ayame

Name: Yuna Jones

Personality: Bossy, sassy, rude, short temper, bad@ss, fighter, and dislike people telling her what to do

Sexuality: Bisexual


Name: Haru Lee

Personality: Unfriendly, quiet, loner, blunt, smart, sometimes nerdy, listener, give advice and he can be nice if no one annoy him

Sexuality: Bisexual

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she can be a waitress

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Character: Hermione Sullivan
Personality: Sarcastic, bold, and down-to-Earth.
Role: A mean girl
Credits: my forum name
Sexuality: Pansexual

Character Details

Character Outfit
  • Thin Silver Hoop Earring

  • Detention Leggings

  • Detention Boots

  • Leather Ring Necklace Leather Grey Black

  • Diamond Cutout Strap Thin Cotton Black

  • Detention Jacket Floral

character profile

Role: College student
Sexuality: Poly-sexual


Role: Baseball Teacher
Sexuality: Asexual

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Hey! Can I be the female sibling

Female Sibling

Character Name: Lynn Ann Kingston

Character card credit to @/nicollil


Personality: Introvert, witty, stubborn, loyal

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Credit me @LynnAnn via Episode Forums :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Hi, can she also be a little mean? But she will be a very important role, since she is the MC’s sister.

How can I credit you?

Can she be really smart?

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Thats fine

Full name: Bella Ashwood
Role: College student!!
Personality: Funny, friendly, brave
Sexuality: Straight

You can credit my instagram, @episode.mistletoe

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@maddie.nicole @EtherealWitch @Lar.episode @K-popcorn @LynnAnn @episode.mistletoe


Name: Kylie Jay
Personality: Soft spoken, loving, shy, friendly, motherly (I’m a mom irl lol)
How you would like to be credited: IG @princesskjx3
Sexuality: Bisexual

Name: Lucy Miller
Personality: Outgoing, realist, independent, supportive
How you would like to be credited: IG @princesskjx3
Sexuality: Bisexual

I’d like if we could both be in the same scenes :blush: Either the coffee shop customers or college students :heartpulse:

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Sure, I will give you the coffee shop customers.

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Also, I love your character’s card.

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