Extra Characters Needed, Anyone Willing to Lend a Hand is Greatly Appreciated

Hey there!

My name’s Black Jack, and I need some extra’s in a scene in my story. I was wondering if anyone would mind lending me some characters they have created. I need both male and female characters.

I would really appreciate it if you are willing do do this for me! Thank you in advance.

Ink or LL

Limelight! Sorry I forgot to mention that. :sweat_smile:

Your good, I’ll send some in



this is my drive with all characters i make🖤

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Thank you so much! I appreciate it a lot.

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Thank you lots!!!

(Keeping thread open)

I still need some background characters if anyone else is willing to let me use any!

Keeping thread open as I still o=would love some extra characters if you’re willing


  • IRIS
    Body - Rose06
    Brows - Arched Short - Deep Brown
    Hair - Long Voluminous Curls Loose - Warm White
    Eyes - Angular Slender - Brown Black
    Face - Heart Soft
    Nose - Round Flared Upturned
    Lips - Full Round Pouty - Dark Mauve Gloss

    Body - Rose04
    Brows - Arched Soft - Black Dark
    Hair - Short Straight Tucked - Black Dark
    Eyes - Deepset Almond - Blue Green
    Face - Diamond
    Nose - Round Button
    Lips - Full Heart Pouty - Red Garnet Gloss

    Body - Neutral00
    Brows - High Arch Angled - Chestnut Brown
    Hair - Short Wavy Ombre - Pastel Blue
    Eyes - Sharp Almond - Blue Aqua
    Face - Round Puffy Cheeks
    Nose - Grecian Soft
    Lips - Medium Thin - Pink Peach Medium Gloss


    Body - Rose03
    Brows - Straight Medium - Chestnut Brown
    Hair - Military Fade Cut - Chestnut Brown
    Eyes - Male Generic - Ice Blue
    Face - Square Defined
    Nose- Straight Narrow
    Lips - Medium Straight Natural - Pink Beige Gloss

    Body - Gold01
    Brows - Male Generic - Dark Brown
    Hair - Medium Side Part Flip - Dark Brown
    Eyes - Narrow Almond Deep Sunken - Green Emerald
    Face - Triangle Defined Chin
    Nose - Straight Pointed
    Lips - Medium Straight Natural - Fair Neutral Matte

  • ERIC
    Body - Gold03
    Brows - Round Thick - Chestnut Brown
    Hair - Dreads Loose Top Short - Dark Brown
    Eyes - Deepset Downturned Lidded - Hazel
    Face - Chiseled Angular
    Nose - Male Generic
    Lips - Full Heart Natural - Neutral Medium Nude Gloss

I really hope this helps you… Do you want more extras and do you want outfits as well??? :blush:

Thank you so much! I would love more extras :heart:

Thank you!!!

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Heres also my.google drive for outfits if needed!

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Thank you so much!