Extras changing outfits?

Sorry if this has already been asked or if it’s confusing.
I’m making a story in a school environment, and I created most background students by myself + their default outfit. Is there a way to have them change clothes without making a whole new outfit? I don’t really want to make a new outfit slot for every school day for 20+ background characters.
What I kind of mean is, how can I have each student in a new outfit every day without clogging up my outfits tab?

There is no way around it really :sweat_smile: But if they’re just backgroud characters you can change the outfits among them, I don’t think anyone will notice :shushing_face:
For example:
Day 1: Character 1 wears outfit A, Character 2 wears outfit B, Character 3 wear outfit C
Day 2: Character 1 wears outfit C, Character 2 wears outfit A, Character 3 wear outfit B

Or something.

The easiest way to do this, which many authors choose is school uniforms! You don’t have to change their outfits if they have to wear an uniform every day anyway. lol

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Thank you!! I kind of figured, but wanted to ask anyway :slight_smile:

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