Extreme advanced directing and coding

I published a story with EXTREME ADVANCED DIRECTING AND CODING and 100 outfits, so give me your opinion and best advice!
Your sister is your target! By Emily Domenech.
Here is the link:


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Here’s my opinion:

20 seconds into the story and I found it already overhelming. There’s to much going on on the screen.
For example the choice options in the dressing game could be paged.
The background was also weird to me. I think a dressing room or a plain backgorund would fit the scene better.
I also didn’t really get what the pics of the two women at the beginning were? Are these the main characters?
The text effects are kinda much and therefore not necessary.

In conclusion: this story seems to be satire or a caricature of an actual story. It’s messy and I had trouble understanding what was going on. I think a soft introduction and an organization of the scenes could really make a difference.

The directing was good, no errors whatsoever but I wouldn’t call it EXTREME ADVANCED DIRECTING :sweat_smile: I kinda found it too sloppy for that.

This is MY opinion, you obviously don’t have to agree. This is your story and you write it the way you want. The most important thing is for you to enjoy it! Good luck :four_leaf_clover:

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