EXTREME Truth Or Dare

Let’s play EXTREME truth or dare!



  • If I tell you a truth/dare, you gotta do it. You can’t say no to it. (But you ARE allowed to change your challenge. Like if you picked truth, you’re allowed to change to dare.)

  • If I gave you a dare, you must have a screen shot.

So yea, let’s play.
(By the way, I’m not going to give you really bad dares like “kiss your best friend’s sister” or “show dirty pictures.” That’s disgusting. The dares I will give you will be on the forums. :slight_smile: )


Omg yes, I LOVE THAT GAME :joy:


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I wanna play:)

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Truth or dare?


How old were you when your parents sat you down for “the talk” and what did they say (or not say) about “the birds and the bees”?

I dare you to change your profile picture for an hour.

The picture has to be spongebob.

Oh gosh :joy:

I’ve never had that talk, I just picked it up from TV and Internet. But I’ve known about it before, it was never a “secret” or so. I don’t even really know where I’ve first heard about it, I think I’ve always known it :joy:


Lol, same :joy: My parents to this day doesn’t even like talking about kissing.

My mum just started those double meaning jokes when I was 12, she assumed I know everything and I really did :joy:


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I had to do an awesome some :sunglasses:


Am I allowed to give these out?

What you mean?

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Lol idk.

Sorry for late reply but-

If you had to choose between going naked to school for one day or having thought bubbles on top of your head everday, what would you pick and why?

Lol, it’s been an hour :joy:

I choose Truth :grin: