Eye and lip overlays needed + help scripting

hey, i need a couple eye and lip overlays (just the pupil, but i’ll put the eye shape in also, if it makes a difference) and some help putting them into script

  • upturned feline eye, blue (most needed)
  • stoic almond (sarcastic) eye, green (most needed)
  • upturned feline eye, brown
  • upturned luxe eye, black
  • gentle almond eye, green
  • deepset piercing eye, toffee

the poses i need for these lips are (smirk, smooch, multiple open mouth ones for talking)

  • full round lips (orange crush)
  • full round lips (ruby red)
  • full round lips (blush)
  • full round lips (scarlet)
  • uneven (terracotta)
  • smirk (taupe)

and can someone pretty please help me script these, because I’m not sure how to create eye and mouth overlays or add them in. i heard i need to create an overlay for my character and then put the overlays in, but i don’t really know, HELP IS GREATLY APPRECIATED AND YOU WILL BE CREDITED :smiley:

dm on insta @tasha.author <3

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