Eye blink movement with overlay

Hi, guys so i’ve seen in many stories the eye blinking overlay, but i don’t know how it works, could someone explain, because i can’t find on youtube or any other tutorials either!


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This explains it but I think you need to give credit.

i am sorry this is not what i am looking for, i am talking about when the character is doing any animation maybe talking or just idle and using an eye overlay, one eye blinka during the animation


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You need to create an overlay of the eye closed and then use it in the scene to cover the eye you want to close, I’m assuming you want the character to wink?
If you know how to use overlays, place it in the scene at a higher layer than the character and opacity 0 then just quickly use the opacity command to make it look like the eye is winking
&overlay EYE opacity 1 in 0.3 THEN overlay EYE opacity 0 in 0.4
Play around with the timings to your preference.

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okay thank you!

how do i get the eye closed overlay from, like which animation?

Who’s is that?

You can use a sleeping animation, screen shot from your app then use an editing app the cut it out :slight_smile:

ok thanks, do u have the coding tho? like the script for the whole animation to happen

No I don’t. You need to do that as spot directing may differ from others. All you need to do is place it in the scene then do opacity command (like in my previous comment).

okay thank you

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