Eye overlay and coding help!

Hey, I hope someone can help me.
I’ve tried using a transition fade for a character repeatedly opening and closing their eyes in a hospital scene but the fades aren’t producing the effect I want which is closer to blinking.
I saw a post for it a while back where someone suggested using eye overlays but I can’t find it anywhere to guide me on how to make the overlays and code it properly.
Can anyone help please?

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What I do is have two solid black (and slightly blurred) overlays to act as eyelids, each with a curve to better represent eyelids, but some people just use straight ones without a curve.
Each eyelid overlay covers half of the screen (top/bottom) to make it initially appear all black and then I shift the top one up and the bottom one down to “open” the eyes and shift the top lid down and the bottom lid up to “close” the eyes. (:

Sample of my coding

I saw this one from a thread years ago//

thank you so much for this

thank you, that’s made me understand it a lot more :slight_smile:

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You’re welcome!

Can i also just confirm how to credit Caitoriri? is it just thanks at Caitoriri or should i use the email address from the google drive? Would like to get it right if i’m using someone else’s bits

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