EYES: Heterochromic Eyes (two different eye colors)


Definite Yes! I would love to see heterochromic eyes, especially for Limelight!


Support :smile: This would be so cool :nerd_face: :heart:


Agreed! One of my main characters is supposed to have heterochromia (I imagined it like the person in the second pic) and it’s just annoying as writer to not be able to portray that


Yes, yes, yes!!! I really need heterochromia for a character of mine, it would be mind-blowing if they actually implemented that!


Yeah!!! :wink::heart:️:heart:️


Agreed. Episode would be a whole new level if they implemented that!




WOW! I like it! SUPPORT!


Tysm :innocent::innocent:


Yes please! I created a character, the only problem is that he has two different colored eyes and it’s weird to give him a single eye color


I SUPPORT! :raised_hands:t5:


Yeah! It makes stories way more interesting!










I think it would help with her diversity case :woman_shrugging:t4:.


I support sometimes my eyes are different colors but usually they are the same changing from different shades of blue to green to even gray or brown


Bumping this ^^


I support one of my old friends had that, her eyes were blue and brown