EYES: More eye colours (Limelight)



I think for limelight they should add a more wide range of green eye colours
As Green Emerald is just super bright and most people don’t have that eye colour so would like a lighter or darker green.

Also would think it be pretty cool if they add multicoloured eye colours so there is hints of grey and blue in say green. And maybe one eye colour being blue and the other being brown


I have made a thread where there is a feature based on heterochromic eyes(i.e two different eyes colors)

Support ! We need more eye colors.


That’s cool!

True! Also body sizes and more skin tones as some people are two colours


Wow, you have great ideas!. I think we have body types thread ,voted.
Two different skin tones is new I guess :slight_smile:


Haha, thank you! That’s cool.
It could be but not sure :slight_smile: Also they should make a episode clothing app or something where we suggest clothing ideas to them so they make them, I don’t know


There are certain threads where community shares their favorite outfits, . I think it would be great if episode Mobile Creations have other app just for writers

Like creators corner and direction threads , authors approved backgrounds, overlays are shared in the community such as background factory and we can directly pick them up and use them without waiting for approval , also Avatars or actors and outfits. That would be so cool!


I know right! Also I think they should add more clothing options for limelight




Also for the episode app they should add more features from the online version to app writing


So, @Dara.Amarie makes amazing templates and she has made an amazing limelight template if you would like , go check it out .


That’s cool, I may see later.


I think the current colors are fine. I mean, I agree on the green, but there is hazel and we have purple eyes and red for uneutral characters


Yeah, they are cool.


Sounds cool : )