💥 Eyes on you contest💥

Hi guys and welcome to my cover contest for my upcoming story Eyes on you :))

Hopefully this’ll not flop :see_no_evil::see_no_evil:

For my story that maybe be published this year I need:
-Large Cover
-Small Cover
(-Intro) not needed but if u want


1.No drama!
2.Please be nice!
3…You’ll get disqualified if I find out that you traced !!
4…Deadline is 16th July!! Tell me if you need more time.:slight_smile:



I forgot to add this but you can change Lorena’s lip color.


Theme:Action,Mystery,love,and a bit of comedy

DESCRIPTION: Being in the Fbi academy and finally getting a mission seems like a dream.If just Ryan wouldn’t be her partner.And then there’s a mysterious guy who seems to hide something .Who will she have her eyes on and will the mission be a success?


-Author name is Hanna S. or Hanna
-It would be the best if the outfits can be Agent outfits or classy because they’ll go to a lot of celebrations undercover or outfits u think match the story:)
-I’ll credit you if I choose you.
-You have a question?Don’t be shy ask me:revolving_hearts:
-You can enter multiple times
-Remember even if you don’t win I’ll show your art in my ig and story as a honorable mention
-Your edit/cover can be edited or drawn
-Please remember the size of a small/large cover/outro!
Small cover : 420x 580
Large cover: 966x 642
Intro&Outro: 640x 1136


1st Place small/ large cover/:

  • a role in my story
  • follow on ig
  • Spam on ig
  • shoutout on ig
  • an edit,cover or pfp up to 2 persons
  • we could be friends :pleading_face:

1st Place outro

  • Spam on ig
  • shoutout on ig
  • an edit up to 1 person
  • we could be friends :pleading_face:
  • role in my story

1st Place intro

  • spam on ig
  • an edit up to 1 person
  • less important role
  • we could be friends :pleading_face:

check my insta for my latest posts out:)


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Good luck :four_leaf_clover:!


Are the two guys both love interests?

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Okay! I’m entering :heart:

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I’m so happy that u enter tysm🥰

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I havent joined a forum contest in a while I might just join this one!

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I’ll try to join! I’ve promised to do so many edits I may or may not forget about. Also i’m working on your trade, it’ll take time cuz im procrastinating. Anyway the point is that idk if I have time to do this

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@Jayl Take ur time I’m happy ur joining :white_heart:
@Linlin330 I’ll be happy if u join🥰


I’ll give it a try :slight_smile: …thank you for tagging.

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You don’t even have to trade if you’ll join my contest because it is something like a contest entry​:blush::two_hearts:

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That’s actually the first time someone tagged me somewhere :open_mouth: :scream: Thank you for that! And since I’m done with the request for a while and planned some practice, might join if I make it on time!

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Yw and can’t wait​:grin::heart:

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Meh, I don’t see why not, my insta is @angelicastories can u dm me there?

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Tysm for tagging me, but unfortunately i won’t be able to join since i have a lot of homework to catch up on i don’t really have time atm :heart:

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I completely understand you I also have tons of homework to do❣️

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I’ll see if I can join although I got a few requests, art contests, and a bit of hw to do :sweat_smile:
I really like the story idea and characters, I hope I’ll be able to join

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It’s ok if you don’t have to time to join but I’ll be happy if you’ll find the time when ur done with ur requests :heartbeat:

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I’ll join:)

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