F ~ r ~ i ~ e ~ n ~ d zone

Hi, I’m new to the community, and I had this topic idea about friend zones. Has anyone just had this one friend that likes you, but you friend zoned them? Or you have a crush on somebody and they friend zoned you? Feel free to join this topic whether somebody friend zoned you or you friend zoned somebody!
Hope to hear all your stories and thoughts ~ :kissing_heart::yum:


So I have this friend and he used to like me. He believed he had a chance with me because everyone encouraged him. I didn’t want to hurt his feelings cause he’s my friend, so I just told him that we were just friends nothing more. He still tried though cause people would say “y’all would make a cute couple” or “ give him a chance”. It was so annoying. Soon he just gave up and moved on. I’m not so sure anymore though😂

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Ikr lol :joy:

I hate it when people kept saying that I liked him back like bruhhh no i dont

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Omg yes! It’s like so annoying

Welcome to the community lmao :partying_face:

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i’m glad i can finally talk to someone with this topic lol


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I honestly didn’t think anyone would read this lol :joy:

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ooooh i like it already is it published yet?

oooooh i would love to helppppp

It’s not published yet but it will be soon😄 Glad you like it tho

im excited to read it lol pls let me know when its published.

I’ll make sure to let you know

alright thanks. btw can u read my story when I published it?

But do you want to help me customize 2 of the love interest?


YASSSS i would love to!

Yeah I had to friendzone my one dude friend because I also already had a boyfriend and yeah…he’s my friend :sweat_smile: I felt so bad tho because he just looked so sad but I didn’t want to lead him on

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