Fabled Blood Moon

Hey guys! I just published my first ever episode, Fabled Blood Moon! I submitted it to the Fabled creators contest and I would really appreciate it if you read it and gave me feedback. It’s about Jez, a white lycan struggling through vampires, mates, and being a sacrificial lamb?!?! Thank you! Here’s the Link.


I am also thinking about entering :blush::two_hearts:

Wanna do read for read dear?

Congrats on publishing :two_hearts:

Sure, what’s your story?

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Online dating dear
When we want to start?

As soon as possible

Okay, just lemme know if you want to start

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Why does this give me twilight vibes

Twilight was my favorite book series when I was younger. In a way, this is inspired partly by Twilight

Ah makes sense

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