Fabled contest promotion R4R G4G

Hey everyone, I love to do some r4r and g4g for my Fabled contest entry. I prefer sending screenshots over instagram.

I can in total do 30 gems max. I don’t have support author only gem choices. Make sure to screenshot the gem choice both before buying and after. I will so too.

Title: the cursed prince.
Description: Prince Valor is cursed to hear the whisper of evil. That is until a street singer silences the voices, but will she be his solution or his undoing?

Other: CC, mini-games. diversity. cheap gem choices there are not essential to the plot but interesting anyway. especially recommend the first gem choice in Chapter 2.

Link: Episode Writer Portal

Small cover art credit to @lyne.digitart


Hi dear I have r4r and g4g group on IG
Wanna join ?

Yes I would love to join.

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Whats your ig handle?

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Okay dear

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Hi can we do G4G or R4R?

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Great what is your story?

I’ve read yours before should I still send proof?