Face overlays HELP!

Okay so in a lot of stories, I see the characters making their own faces overlays or body movement overlays. Know what mean? Can someone show me how to do that or they how they make their own faces and or body movement. For like example:

, like see their expressions and everything? How does someone make something like that can like run me through that?


all of it is overlays. Limb overlays, face, eyes, everything is all overlays. I guess the author used a editing software to edit out the character body, then upload them as overlays or just edited the characters as a background. hm…


unless u ask the author how they do it, so he/she can run u through it.

They sometimes use The EA like I do and they take screenshots of their characters doing different animations and they crop em on the characters face to match it exactly


Where can I find The EA ??

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@episode_amanda ‘s insta in her linktree

but how do he edit them ?

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editing software.

ok thanks

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I’m confused I’m so sorry I know I’m dumb but what the heck is an editing software and please recommend 1.

I’ve already figured it out how to do it. She means download an app that you can edit things. I recommend Ibis Paint X because that’s what I use and most others too to make overlays and other art. It’s really use once you learn.