Face reveal talk and talent reveal


So lets talk about why people feel unsafe and safe while posting their face and i may or may not do a 5 min face reveal :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Yall can also talk about your secret talents and other secrets you might have kept from your friends on here.


Ill be waiting for that reveal :wink:


Same haha :blush:


Hey I said i may not so dont get your hopes up <3


Awwh haha

Tag me if you do :blush::wink:


If you don’t want to show your face online, you don’t have an obligation to. Don’t feel pressured to do something; you need to do whatever makes you comfortable.


Yass preach I feel like people who are wondering about this should come on here and read all the comments that’ll be coming sooner or later


Me too :blush:



I be stalking


I guess I’ll make yall happy



Im surprised my eyes havent been blue in a while since my phine glared onto my glasses you cant really tell that they are


Zoe I already seen how you look like lmao I just remembered


Is that really you?


Yass i can screenshot from my phone gallery if ya want proof


Oh okay :blush:

I just see and eye tho


Ik my phone mustve cut it off


Secret Talent: yea no
Secrets Kept from People on Here: um my family’s personal info and pictures.
Thoughts About Face Reveals: I mean I don’t really, as long as ur comfortable with it.

Face Reveal
btw im fugly




Your super cute! Your skin (not to be a creepo :joy:) looks AMAZEBALLS


Thanks lol


Ur so beautiful i may do a full face one soon


Thank you :blush:. And yea do a face reveal ur so pretty i know that with or without knowing what u look like