FaceBook Handle Invalid?

I am trying to insert my Facebook handle in the Facebook link area in the writing portal, in the story’s description. But the site keeps telling me that it isn’t valid.

I’m not sure how to make it valid, as I’ve tried using both uppercase and lowercase, all of one case, and I tried using and not using “@.”

Any ideas? Thanks!

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If it’s the same as IG handles, then sometimes it’s just a little bit temperamental :roll_eyes:

I sometimes have to save 5+ times for it to acknowledge it as valid. Just keep at it and it should eventually save.

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Thanks! I’ll keep trying!

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When this happens to me, I change the ‘case’ like instead of @FallenAngelNight13 I go @FALLENangelNIGHT13

Hi. Javelyn Bond here.

I am an Episode Interactive author as well. I am just recently trying to add social media handles. But for some reason my facebook handle doesn’t work (my insta and twitter work).

Like my facebook username is TheMasked Writress. And whenever I type it in the social media addons for my episode story, it says invalid facebook handle.

What am I doing wrong? Can someone help?

Thanks. - Javelyn

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I would send in a support ticket! That’s what I did! Episode is great with helping you quickly!

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I will definitely try that.

Thanks, Tiara.


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No problem!