"Faceless world" needs you!

Hey everyone ! :smiley:

So here’s the thing : I’m french, and I don’t speak fluent english… I’m trying my best but I think there are still some english mistakes in my story, and I’d like to get rid of its.
So I was wondering if some of you could read the story and tell me what to change… Are you in ? :pray:

Here are the informations you’ll need :


Title: Faceless world
Author: Catou
Episodes: 3 (episode 4 is coming)
Genre: Fantasy
Summary: After the epidemic, most of the people you knew have gone Faceless. Will you survive ? Or will the entire world die ?
Story Link: http://episodeinteractive.com/s/4679829340028928

I’m willing to do R4R if you want to :wink:
Thanks to everyone who will help me out !!


I read the first chapter and it’s pretty good! You may want to familiarise yourself with using transitions (fade in, fade out, etc.), and there was a spot directing issue or two, but aside from that, all good for the coding part!

Onto the language part; I’m honestly really impressed. You’re a good writer, a couple of words that could be shortened into other things. eg. do not = don’t, I have = I’ve, You would = You’d

I love your use of the faceless characters and how the characters become faceless. We could do with maybe a bit more story on the main character, but I’m very impressed!

If you’d like to take a look at my story that’d be great, it hasn’t been published yet and I’m still working on the first episode… and the title… :sweat_smile:

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Wow thank you so much ! Thanks to you I fixed some spot directions issues that I didn’t see and some dialogues ^^
I also read your story, so far it’s great ! :open_mouth: I just want to know what happen next !
There’s just a bug in the beginning, after Saffi punches the cop, when she returns to her friends, we can see the cop walking through the screen. But exept for this, I was amazed, you’re really good at coding !

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Oh yeah I have to fix that :sweat_smile:


Hey , I read 1st episode and I really liked it…
I will tell when I complete it
Here is mine —>
Story title—> Choose!!!
Genra—> adventure
No.of episode —> 3(complete)
Description —> you always wanted a chance!! ting-ding!!! You get one , but will you succeed or face Defeat ???
There may be grammatical mistakes , I am sorry for that
Hope you enjoy it✌

Hey, I read yours…
I really liked it , I also leave you fanmail :slight_smile:
I love how people turns into faceless , that’s was totally amazing
In last episode , when the Mistroius guy came and say that lot stuff , I was totally like —>
What? How? Why I didn’t know that? Wait…who are you even???:sweat_smile:
I totally get connected last episode more than first two :v: ( but it’s just my opinion)
Hope you goona continue :blush:
- to @Catouu