FACES: Mature LL faces for males

This has been something that has urked me since FOREVER. I’d love to see the Episode Team make some ACTUAL mature faces for males! Anytime I make a Dad character there are literally only 2 face types to chose from that look like a semi-mature “Dad” face. We need wrinkles for more of the faces and eyes like there are for females. Don’t get me wrong, we could DEFINITELY use some more mature female face features, but the two we have for the time being are at least fairly easy to reuse for different adult females.
GUYS HOWEVER, you can’t reuse the faces at all bc the two that CAN pass off for a middle-age dude are super identifiable and unique (thats not bad, just means I can barely use/reuse it)! There’s the “bearded triangle face” which is too hipstery for a lot of Dads and then there’s the “mature round face” with that double chin, which I rarely end up using bc it looks weird on the skinny, flawless male body that are LL charaters :unamused:
If we could get some faces and eyes with wrinkles like we have for the females it would be SO much better and + we could actually make more then one set of actual adults in our stories… Support this if you agree and think its weird to have 10000 16/18 year-old dads!







Support, definitely.