Facetime overlay help?

can someone make me a facetime overlay with a layout that looks a bit like this so I can have my characters FaceTime each other?
thanks :heart:

Do you want them to be still so the characters will be part of the background or you want them both to be animated so you basicly need only the the cut out window for the small character?


I have an ongoing overlay request thread, if you wanna ask for a free request!

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both to be animated :slight_smile::heart:

I can help you out! You want it like the thing above, correct?

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It might actually look better if it’s more like half an half like diagonally then you can see the talking better

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I’d prefer it if its like the thing above if you don’t mind as I’ve an idea for it :smile:

Alrighty! I’ll do my best :slight_smile:

Any idea of what background the character who your facetimeing is?

thank you so much :heart::heart:
and here is the background pv1_back_EXT__LIV_DAY_5740615169998848_df318022c3079a801020fe94aca82a62

I’ll PM u them because I have to explain some parts too in order for it too look corrcy

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