Facetiming overlay


How do I make both characters appear on the screen during a Face time without the character’s legs showing?

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for laptop or phone face timing?

phone face timing

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You want something that would look sort of like this?

I would suggest having one character on a background like a park or something
with a split screen phone overlay on layer 5

Have CHARACTER1 stand screen center on layer 2

have another overlay this time of a different background (like a bedroom cut in half but only showing the top half ) place this overlay on layer 3

Have the 2nd character move to layer 4 and spot direct them to the bottom half of the screen…

If you need any clarification or other directing help feel free to hit me up or I would be happy to make the template for you but I wouldn’t make it for like another 10ish hours


check this out so you’ll see how it’s done in script.

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i can wait 10ish hours😂 i would really like you to create it for me!

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ok no problem What are your characters names? and the place you want them to be?

Emma and she should be in the

April and she should be in the

ok cool

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