Facial Expressions

Does anyone know how to have a character do a facial expression? Like to have a mortified stare- for both a girl and a boy?

For Ink I believe its startled_surprised

flirt_fingersnap? shocked (a hidden animation)? shush for female, kiss_cheek_give for male?

there are a lot, is it one of those?

like @m-d said, if you wanted a simple facial expression without the movement, zoom onto somewhere else so that the character is hidden, then do;

For a sad/weirded out expression;
@CHARACTER is shush
For a scared/shocked expression;
@CHARACTER is flirt_fingersnap
For another shocked expression;
@CHARACTER is shocked
(the shocked animation is a hidden animation.)

If you can see the character doing the animation, even when you have zoomed elsewhere, make the character face the opposite way. I’m sure there is plenty more animations, its just about figuring out that yourself!

Hope i helped!

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