Facial Flaws For Characters

We have no flaws on our characters there all smooth they should have freckles, we should an option for Vitiligo even though its disease it still helps add variety to our characters.


people will start to abuse this

I think its a good idea but next thing you know, everyone has vitiligo or other things like that.

I definitely think they should create children characters and different body types for all styles


What do you mean abuse?

if they add things like vitiligo, people would use this as an accessory to their characters

I’m still not sure what you mean by accessory, sorry. :sweat_smile:

They mean people might use them as 'jewelry" instead of taking it seriously.

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They are working on it I found it out 5daysvok

what are they going to be adding do you know?

Braids freckles scruff

okay thanks, is this for ink or limelight?

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They are working on it:


I mean, that could be true of any cosmetic feature. I think not having the option at all because some people might not use it respectfully is a little unfair to the people who want to see themselves represented.


True that