Facing a glitch in my story (male and female characters are getting mixed up even though the code is fine)

Hello dear Episodians,
I published my SWY entry yesterday and two people faced this weird glitch. My story has both a male and female LI branch. Some of them faced this problem, even though they chose the male LI, time to time the female LI pops up in the screen and the dialogs too. I re-checked my script, it’s okay in there. Can someone please tell me what’s wrong? I’m so scared, I worked so hard for the entry and now it’s glitching this way. :sob:

ohh man
same happened to my story a few days back lol

I think you should check your ch. 1 coding

bcz I found the prblm in ch. 1

While everyone got the glitch in ch. 5

ughh idk… how it happened

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Can you please tell me what was your mistake in ch 1?

ahh yeah

u know

where I wrote
gain Female

It gets like

gain Female
are u sure you want to play as a girl?
} “Male”{
Are you sure you want to play as a boy?
gain male

that gain female

automatically or idk… how it just appeared there where it should be

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But it isn’t happening with others, it’s just for some people and I checked multiple times myself, even none of my beta testers faced this problem. It’s weird. Maybe I will try to submit a support ticket.

u checked ur 1st chapter?

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I did. It looks okay to me. I have two different labels and I’m following Dara Amarie’s template for choosing gender.

Then yeah u should send a ticket

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Thank you.

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So, you had a capital and small letter mix up, right? I selected one and it automatically selected the other so my gain is okay too. It’s so scary :sob:


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The first gain is Female, the second one is female. Gains have to be the exact same word. You can’t mix up an F and an f

that want the prblm in mine lol

…so i think u got ur solution… right?

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I don’t see such a problem in my script and I don’t know why it’s happening. So, I submitted a support ticket. Let’s hope for the best.

I hope u get ur prblm fixed soon

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