Facts About You Thread

Hey everyone! I thought since on the forums, we’re practically family, I should make a thread for everyone to get to know each other better by sharing a couple facts about you we may or may not know.

I’ll go first!
My name is Cassandra Dean, I’ve been doing art for as long as I can remember, and I’ve been doing episode for about a year, but I’ve been on the forums for only a couple of months (3 to be exact)
I hope you tag others into this thread, and participate!
Luv, Cass


Hi! My name is Amy. I’m also an artist :DD I started drawing from the fucking womb.
I’ve been playing episode since late 2015, when it was REALLY unpopular.
I’ve been on the forums for 2 or 3 months, too :)) I knew the old forums, but I didn’t really make an account.
Also I’m really loud at school :sweat_smile: I’m an ambivert.



Hi! I’m Purple Rose, but you can call me Rose. I’m 15 years old and I’ve been on the Episode app since December 2015, almost all the stories on there back then were in Classic haha. I’ve been on the forums since 2016, but a bunch of my accounts didn’t get the activation email, so I ended up joining (like being able to post) at the end of 2017. :blush:

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Hmm…who should I tag :thinking:

Imma tag @Chocolate_Mama :grin:

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@episode.burger yay! You and I already have stuff in common!

@talesbyrose Thank you for contributing!

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@Chocolate_Mama I see u girl!

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Okie my name is Chocolate Mama But y’all can call me choco or chocolate. I’m a little weird one for sure. I love being weird, and funny. I’m 16 years old which is also gucci, and I’m always saying something weird. I’m a Christian as well, and I’m in love with rap snacks. Also I’ve been married 16 times and I have 10 kids. I honestly for real like to bake and yeah I think that’s it. Also I love flirting now for some reason like it’s hella fun to me.

I’ll.tag.my.daughter. @WinterMoon05 she stalks me anyways so she’ll find me.


Hey hon!

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Lol, thanks @Chocolate_Mama!

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Of course!

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Hi! My name is Faith. I’m 15.
I’m a writer. I have been writing my whole life.
I am obsessed with reading.
I’m a Muslim.
I’ve been playing since 2012-2013, between those 2 years.
I’ve been on the Forums for a while now. I love it.
I’m very weird.
I love food, like really love it.
I’m Ghanaian-American.
Um, I think that’s it. Let me tag @lovelikeart


now a lot of people dont know this about be
(cause they dont know me in the first place :sob:)




Ohh maaa GOD

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Thank you!

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Ahhh how do ya do that!!??



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I’m Amani. I’m 13.

I’m an episode artist and a real life author

I love Criminal Minds!

I’m a part of the LGBTQ+ community

I’m weirdo

I love food

I’m English, Pakistani, and American.

I love art

I love @kerubiel

and I wanna cry rn for no reason


I’m Clair. I am older than 18, but younger than 20.
I’m a big lesbian. Like, a huge lesbian.
I like music, video games, movies.

STAR WARS is my life.
I have a fear of garden gnomes.