Fade in and fade out sounds? Help Please!

Hello everyone! Can I ask you if someone can help me with fading in and out sounds in the writhing portal because when I do it the previous sound is still there when comes the next scene with a new sound! So please if you know something don’t hesitate to share it! Thank you!


Example 0 3000 the zero is the volume you wanted to be as long as you wanted it to fade out it will be 0% loud the 3 in 30000 is the second you wanted the music to fade out As well as you wanted The music to fade in!

The 0 means no music, and the 30000 means 3 seconds!!


Let me know if you still need help!


Or if it doesn’t work!


No it doesn’t work. :cry:

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OK, try this :green_heart:

fade in : volume music 1 3000

Fading out: volume music 0 0
music off

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It still doesn’t work.

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volume music 100 3000
for fade in

0 0
for fade out

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Did that work?

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Could you tell me what is happening?

Absolutely nothing. It’s not fading neither out

OK, try this?

music volume 0-100 3000


music volume 100-0 3000

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It gives me an error

It’s okay I will figure it somehow! Thank you so much for trying

It’s no problem, I will still try to help!
Could you copy and paste the error it is giving you?

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It’s just what you send

That’s the error

Gimme a sec

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