Fade in characters

hi, idk hwo to phrase this but I’m not confident with how to write this part of this scrpt? Can someone help me with making my character fade in
idk what infomation i need to give so any would be greatful

Check out this thread!

can someone give me te exact number to change the MB? because im havign alittle trouble

What do you mean by MB?

megabytes. its saying it isnt the right amount

I’m currently on my phone RN, but I usually divide the width and length by a number such as 1.5, use the quotients as the size and then scale the image to that.

You can also use some image resizers online!

i foudn this https://www.imgonline.com.ua/eng/compress-image-size.php but idk what numebrs to put to convert it for resizing

Try converting it to exactly 1 MB?

i did but when i went to put it in the art catelog it said it wasn’t right