Fade in/ fade out transitions help

hi, I’m having quite a hard time with my script. I know it’s a very simple command but sometimes I stress over it so much that I can’t seem to find the solution. can anyone help me with this? (I’ll be providing a picture down below)

I’m having trouble with the fade in and fade out. when it goes onto the next scene it shows my characters standing there then it does the transition. can anyone help? I’ve already done the & sign.

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Hi! I think (I might be wrong here :sweat_smile:) but I think it’s because you put @transition fade in when you’re supposed to be fading out. Write it like this:

End scene:

@pause for 2
@transition fade out white 1

New scene:

@transition fade in white 1


I’ll let you know if this works. thank you x

okay, so it did work, thank you for that; but my problem is when I do this my characters show a second after. I tried using the & sign so they can just be shown in the scene while its fading in but it still won’t work. do you have any suggestions? if not that’s alright :slight_smile:

Why don’t you try this:

@transition fade out white in 1
&CHARACTER stands screen center AND CHARACTER stands screen center AND CHARACTER stands screen center
@transition fade in white in 1

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I just tried this, it showed my characters perfectly fine but the transition didn’t work. thank you for the help though, I appreciate it x :slight_smile:

Weird, that’s usually how I do it and it works tho, did you type it exactly how I did?

&AMETHYST stands screen center AND DAMARI stands screen center AND ADELINE stands screen center
@transition fade in white 1
that’s exactly how I typed it, do you think I need to add more after the script so the transition can show because that’s where it ends :sweat_smile:

Oh, I see the problem now

@transition fade in white in 1, you missed the second “in” before 1
If that’s not the actual problem I don’t know lol

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I tried that but I think it’s because i’m previewing on computer and it usually lags for me. thanks for the help though :slight_smile:

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