Fade in overlay problem

Hello boys and girls!
I’m having a problem.
In my story, I want to make a scene where the overlay TV STAND, :2eced2ba37a4ef6f0c3a4633161ef551|235x418
Is already in the scene and then it slowly fades out. I did that with success.
But when I show another scene and then back the scene with the overlay, here’s my script :
@overlay 5815363920592896_TV STAND shifts to -31 -96 in zone 1
@overlay 5815363920592896_TV STAND scales to 2.656 2.656
@overlay TV STAND opacity 0 in 0
@zoom reset
@cut to zone 3
music off
@SHABLE spot 1.280 753 21 in zone 2 AND SHABLE faces left
@SHABLE walks to spot 1.280 170 19 in zone 3 AND SHABLE is run_cry_embarrassed_loop AND SHABLE faces left
SHABLE (cry_sob_sad_loop)
Oh my God!
Oh my GOD!
@zoom on 796 407 to 352% in 0
SHABLE (talk_exhausted)
That was very–
@KILLER spot 1.280 285 31 in zone 3 AND KILLER faces left
@SHABLE starts react_shocked_gasp
sound sting_horrorswell
@zoom on 0 0 to 100% in 0
sound drone_scary
@KILLER is stab_knife_underhand_angry AND SHABLE starts faint
KILLER (flirt_coy)
Oh yeah, it was.
@KILLER starts laugh_crackup
@KILLER spot 1.280 161 31 in zone 3 AND KILLER is flirt_wink_atcamera
@overlay TV STAND opacity 1 in 0

I added it in the beggining at opacity 0 because I already showed that it’s faded away.
But I also use the command @overlay TV STAND opacity 1 in 0 as you can see at the end, and nothing happens. What can I do?
Thank you, Vicky.

It could be a layering issue. You didn’t specify the layer of the characters or the overlay. Make sure to include it in the line with the background: EXT. JUNGLE PAN - NIGHT with TV STAND in zone # at layer #
Probably at layer 2 or 3, if your characters are going to be ‘on tv’. :blush:

Thank you so much!! I appreaciate your help! :heartbeat:

Ah, crap. Still doesn’t work. Thank you anyway! :smile:

I didn’t even think about asking this lol. Is the overlay not showing up at all, or is it just not fading in? I’ve recently run into this issue where I had everything right but my overlays still wouldn’t fade in until I used the create command

Maybe I’m getting confused, but shouldn’t the end be opacity 0 and the start be opacity 1?

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If you want an overlay to fade in, it’s best to add the overlay by using the create command instead of adding it with the background

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