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Hi your art is awersome…
I want to request an custom pose…

:cloud:Faded but Unfazed :cloud:

I am requesting a custom pose
Ink style
1 character…


Sorry I just got only down side portion

Clothes Used

Lace Bustier
Black Herringbone Tights
Aviator Sunglasses
Diamond Choker Necklace
Plaid School Skirt
Tattooed Rocker Boots
Black Boho Feather Earrings

Anything else - Scars on her faces one on cheek one on eye one on forehead and piercing in nose and tatoos on her both hands full and on her chest and neck also

Hi I want to know that you are accepting my request or not it’s been 2 days and no reply that’s why i asked

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Hey @PropertyofNae I just want to know, till when are you giving my request like it has been a week and still no reply. Please can you atleast tell me whether you started it already or not. Please let me know about it bcoz I want it urgently in my story :pleading_face:

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I’m so sorry for the wait :woman_facepalming:t4: I’ve been feeling terrible the past week. If you’d still like for me to make your request I can start it asap :sparkles:

Sorry about that. What exactly is the pose you’d like your character to be in? I might need a different reference since the photo only shows a little. Also what tattoos would you like me to use?

I haven’t received my request either !!

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I have those two requests before you that I haven’t started. Also since your request involves multiple character cards it’ll take a little longer than usual :sparkles:

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Tatoos rose and skulls on her full hand both and on her legs also you can use dragon tatoo

like this one

Do you want me to use the ones from Episode? Also do you have a png of the motorcycle?

ofc yes :blob_hearts:I just loved your example and that is why I am still waiting for my request :heart_eyes: :blob_hearts:

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You can use dragon one from episode and on chest also i need tatoos sorry i don’t have png of motorcycle I tried to find out but nothing sorry

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thank you so much


Hi i am requesting an pfp…

  • Password: (Blur it):cloud:Faded but Unfazed :cloud:
  • What are you requesting? A pfp
  • How many characters? only 1 character
  • What style and is it drawn or edited? as your wish (loke cartoon) I still don’t know difference
  • What are their details and outfits? (Do you want drawn clothing?)

1.Red Studded Bustier
2.Moon Necklace
3.Black Herringbone Tights
4.Calf Boots Black
5.Black Short Pencil Skirt

  • What pose?(If custom pose leave a reference)

Like this…

  • Leave a background.

Like this (pls keep her throne in black and background dark and scary)

  • Is it waist up, legs up, etc? Up to you
  • Do you have a theme/idea in mind? mafia story
  • When do you need it by? (Be specific) I am not in hurry you can take time
  • Anything else?(Abs, scars, height difference, text, freckles, filter, piercing, face highlight, nails)
    Yes… Tatoos all over her body both hands and on a leg and chest also
    Scars on her face on her nose…

Lipstick colour raven

Thank you

your aret is really amazing


Hi @PropertyofNae :relaxed:
I love your work :heart_eyes:… your art is really amazing :star_struck::star_struck:
I know you have lots of requests to complete…
If you have space for 1 person (and you’re feeling better than before)…Can I request for a cover??? No pressure though :sweat_smile: