Fading characters out from top layers

so for my story a lot of the time, if they’re in a public place, I’ll add background characters and move them out the way as I zoom into the main character. But I was wondering if there was a way to make them fade. The main characters are layer 0, all the bg characters layers above. I’ve done similiar things but the maian characters were the top level, by making the background an overlay and adding it. Does anyone know how to do this? Sorry if I didn’t explain it well, I’d be happy to explain more. Thanks!

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That won’t be possible, as the overlay would have to cover MC as well…
:thinking: But You could make a screenshot of the MC alone in the scene, they would have to be in an idle or non-moving animation though. Then upload it as an overlay and when it’s faded you can put them on top again so they can continue. Does that make sense? :sweat_smile: It would look like this:

&overlay BACKGROUND_MC_OL opacity 0 in 0
&MC spot ... in zone ... at layer 0 AND MC ...
&BACKGROUND1 spot ... in zone... at layer 1 AND BACKGROUND1 ...
&BACKGROUND1 spot ... in zone... at layer 4 AND BACKGROUND1 ...
@overlay BACKGROUND_MC_OL opacity 1 in ...
&MC moves to layer 6

yeah, I thought that might be what I’d have to do, luckily it’s the mc best friends as the mc is customisable, but the best friends I can do an overlay type thing for, thanks!

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