Fading in and out like somebody is waking up

Hello guys,

Does anybody know how to do fading in/out as if somebody is waking up? I have tried the @transition curtain out_top and @transition curtain out_bottom but they are not what I imagined.
I wanted something like this:
Start from INT. BLACK - NIGHT
fade in (as somebody is opening their eyes)
into the scene
then fade out from the scene (as somebody is closing their eyes)
into black etc.
I’m sorry if I didn’t explain it well but I have tried everything but nothing is working.
Thank you in advance if anybody know some tips.


you would have to do overlays. I would just get one black square over lay (make sure is long enough) then I would duplicate it in the code then i would shift them to make it appear as it’s like “eye lids”

Advanced Directing: Overlay Animations

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Thank you. I appreciate it. I will try to do it. :wink: :upside_down_face:

I used two eyelid overlays. Looks more realistic and you can control how quick or slowly they wake up (if that makes sense).

Thank you Lizzie. It makes sense. But I don’t know what “eyelid” overlay would look like… Any example somewhere?

Something like on this thread. You downloaded both upper and lower eyelid