Fading Scene Before Character Customization

I don’t really know how to explain this, but I scene this done in stories where before the reader gets the change to customize a character, the scene fades into a black or white background for the character customization. I know I probably explained this terribly, but if you seen this and know what I mean, please comment down below.


@transition fade out black 2

You can fade in or out

There’s certain colors to and the # at the end is the time is that what you needed?

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It might be a black or white overlay that is a layer behind the character being CC’d


What I did in my story is I used a black overlay in changed its opacity in 3 seconds


Where do you find a black overlay from?

Yeah, that’s what I mean.

Hi I have it in my story I just use solid black overlay and slowly change the opacity (layer it behind the character) you can use mine if you dont have one:

Okay. How would I code that?

&CHAR spot # # #
&overlay BLACK create
&overlay BLACK moves to layer 0
&CHAR moves to layer 1
@overlay BLACK opacity 1 in 3

and to fade it out back

@overlay BLACK opacity 0 in 3

Ohh okay!!! Thank you so much for showing me the code for it. I was a bit confused at first haha

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glad to help. :slight_smile:

If you do not want it solid black but only to dim the background write the first number something between 0-1

it makes in my opinion a more interesting effect than turning it to solid black. But its more matter of taste. :smiley:

@overlay BLACK opacity 0.7 in 3

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I did the coding right, but for some reason, I’m not seeing the black overlay behind the character.

are you in zone 1?
if not you must put the zone number to the shift of the overlay - can be this the problem?

I’m in zone 2.

then you need to shift the overlay to zone 2 - when you create every overlay creates in zone 1

&overlay BLACK shifts to 0 0 in 0 in zone 2

here you have more in detail all about overlays:

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