Fail Me Once... Death to You (Sign up)



The year is 2087, and the concept of ‘democracy’ has completely faded. The world is finally unified, but not in peace. The Empress watches over all, and nobody is safe.

Set in a world where everyone has a predetermined ‘purpose’, ‘failures’ (a failure is someone who refuses to do a task demanded of them) wander the cities, filled completely with fear. If she finds those who escaped her reign, she will certainly kill them. But there’s strength in numbers!

Everyone is trained to be a solider at a young age, and if you’re not fit for the task, you are also killed. However, those who managed to escape have started a rebellion.

The time for change is now! After all, an empire ruled by fear can’t survive… Right?

Choose your side! Either take the role of a Rebel or an Eliminator (one tasked by the Empress to execute ‘failures’), and try to shape the fate of the future!


  1. Blur stuff, people. If it’s vulgar, blur it.
  2. Don’t describe sex scenes.
  3. You must have permission to kill a character, however, there are sometimes circumstances. If a character has no valid way to survive, you can contact me, and I will rule the fight.
  4. No Godmodding, and no auto hit! These are to be explained. Godmodding is being invincible, immortal, etc. Autohit is saying ‘I punch ___’ You must attempt to hit. Your opponent needs time to react. However, if cornered, and there is no valid way for a character to avoid being hit, then you may ignore this clause. Roleplay strategically, and make sure you can beat your opponents down!
  5. Problems in character are great! Conflict is encouraged. Just treat people outside of RP with respect. Contact me if you have any issues.
  6. Be creative! Nobody likes a cardboard character.

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Reserve below! Thank you!
Leaders: (OPEN)
Empress: @Skyzor
Eliminator Leaders: (2 AVAILABLE)
Rebellion Leader: @Skyzor (Clair Ashfell)
Rebellion Generals: (2 AVAILABLE)

Rebels/Eliminators (Infinite Supply)
None yet!


Tagging a whole bunch of roleplayers


And anyone else interested!


I might sign up when I get home


Reserve rebellion leader


I am the rebellion leader.
You can be a general, which is basically the second in command.
Sorry, I have a way I want the Rebellion leader to be.


That’s cool I will take it


I’m definitely interested. @Skyzor


The sign up will be up very soon!


Reserve for one Eliminator Leader please!


The sign up sheet is almost complete. However, I am away from home right now. It will be up in about an hour. Thanks for waiting!




Reserve for a rebel


Reserve for a Rebel please.


Sign up is up.




Can I sign up for a second character?


Depends. What role?


A eliminator.




Reserve for eliminator leader. :sunglasses: