Faintest's Art Giveaway Free Art Scenes/Covers/Custom Splashes for Winners! [Poll Within]

Hello, world. Faintest here and I’m announcing a giveaway to celebrate and promote the release of the fifth chapter of my story Murder at Ambrogi Mansion (LL). I know murder mysteries aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, but this story really transcends genre,a so I’m hoping to get it out there, so more people can see and give it a chance. So, anyway I’m doing a giveaway and I’d love if you’d join.

Eligibility Requirements and Prizes for Faintest’s Giveaway


  • Read all five chapters
  • Follow on Instagram
  • Spend 10 gems
  • Share story on Instagram (trailer) your story, and repost contest on Instagram, tag a friend
  • You will be entered into a drawing for an art scene or cover (your choice). 5 winners will be selected
  • Entered into custom splash giveaway (5 winners)



  • Read all five chapters
  • follow on INSTAGRAM
  • spend 5 gems
  • Share story on INSTAGRAM, tag a friend
  • repost contest image on INSTAGRAM


  • Entered into raffle for a free cover (2 winners)
  • Free pre-made splash
  • Entered into custom splash giveaway (5 winners)



  • Read four chapters
  • share story on Instagram (share story on forums)
  • Repost on INSTAGRAM


  • Free pre-made splash
  • Entered into custom splash giveaway (5 winners)


  • Eligibility: Read three chapters, repost this on Instagram (or mention it on the forums and tag me)
  • Prize(s): Premade-splash (of your choice)

Below are the Contests rules and prizes include covers, art scenes, and splashes. I will be doing the art myself and I think it would be good practice for me, too!

Please check out these examples and if you like them, if you feel fine doing the entry requirements and such, and you’d like a chance at some free art, please join. This contest will also be happening simultaneously on Instagram.

Will you be joining?

  • Yes, this sounds great.
  • No, there are too many requirements.
  • I don’t much like your art style, fluffcake.

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Yeah, I don’t know what a fluff cake is.

Anyway, here are some examples so you might consider joining.

Art and Covers


Made for @Tinyxoxo

Made for @Yoshi
![posting2 small size for cana|324x500]



Thank you!


Can we join with no Instagram? :thinking:

Yes, you can!

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@Raitlyn So, if you don’t have an ig, for the reposts, you can share or mention the contest here on the forums in some way (it’s up to you) and tag me. If the requirement says to tag a friend on ig, you can tag a friend here on the forums. And for Levels 3 and 4, since you can’t obviously do any of the reposts, sharing, or following, etc, you just have to spend more gems. For level 3, you spend 15 gems instead of 5, and for level 4, you spend 20 gems instead of 10.

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Random Contest Info #1

If you don’t have a cover for you DL Contest Entry yet, I’m prioritizing prizes for any winners entering the DL contest and I can get you your cover by July 15 if not earlier. Come join! I swear I’m very nice lol :face_with_monocle: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

@Raitlyn So, would you be interested in joining?

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Yes, ofc!

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I don’t have insta account.
I can read ur story and give 10 gems will I enter this level??

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So, for level 4 you would have to read 20 gems instead of 10 and for level 3, you spend 15 gems in stead of 5. But, yes, you can definitely enter without an instagram account.

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Sry I don’t have that many gems so I quit!!

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Oh man, I see. Well, since I don’t have so many takers yet, I can lower that. Tell you what, I’ll change it. For Levels 3 you can spend 10, and for level 4 you spend 15. And if you don’t have an instagram, just tell me who your favorite character is. I’ll change that up above as well.

for now I have only 12 gems and I want to join level 4 so if u r ok I am ok with giving few and after u give me the art I will send u the rest

I’m sorry, that won’t really work. The thing about giving art is that it does take a long time and I can’t be hundred percent sure that you will have the gems afterwards. So, just join the level you can with 12 gems, I guess.

Hmm sry but I am not willing to join. I cannot be sure u will hand me the art. and my gems would be wasted so…

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Okay, no problem! Take care.

@Amelia_epi Now that I think of it, I can kind of see what you’re saying, however, entering the contest doesn’t mean you’ll win. You’re entering for a chance to win because realistically speaking, drawn and painted art is worth way more than 10, 20, or even 50 gems. And honestly, I don’t even like gems.

This contest is not like commissioning an art piece. For example, when I do commissions, I would definitely take some payment before and some after. In this case, though, you have to do xyz in order to get the chance to enter. Even if I did it the way you suggested, I wouldn’t give you the art first anyway, that would still end us up in the same position. I’d make it and probably show you it with a large watermark, but not give it to you first.

So while I understand your point now, it’s not exactly the same thing. I do now see though that there is no way for you to know that I would give you the art, but the goal is that the requirements are so little compared to what you could receive, so that not winning wouldn’t be so bad and every giveaway is like that. Even if you do a commission, the artist could run off with the first half of the pay and likewise the commissioner could run off with the initial drawing or sketch. There really is risk to anything, unfortunately, but for the artist it would be a bigger loss than for a few gems. Reputation is big for actual artists who aren’t scammers. I would never break my word and steal reads from people, that’s silly, and besides people would turn on me as an author and artist. There are lots of reasons I wouldn’t want to do that. You could also report me if I didn’t give it to you. Anyway, it’s okay either way! I just wanted to explain. Again, take care!

I actually have like 8 gems myself right now, so I understand the struggle!

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@Sydney_H Could you kindly close this board, please? I’ll be making a new one with updated rules. Thank you.

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Closed by OP request. :smiley: