Fairy Tale-d Two: The Return of a Legend || Sign-ups



Original roleplay, Fairy Tale-d, was created and run by the amazing @EpisodeGirl, this roleplay co-owned by both @EpisodeGirl and me.

Dear (Name),
Congratulations, student! We have verified that you are indeed a child of a famous fairytale character, and are now inviting you to Once Upon a High!
Once Upon a High is a school just for the sons and daughters of fairytale characters. Please meet at the crosstreets of Mulberry Avenue, and Jameson Street on August 30, or as soon as you receive this letter. A portal will then appear to transport you to the school.
Our fine establishment has been standing tall for fifty-four years. We hope you enjoy our fifty-fifth year here with us.

~Headmaster Grimm

Last year, all the students went home for the summer break, slightly frazzled, but well. Deals had been struck, kisses shared, couples created. Now some of the older students will be returning to OUH for their second year, along with some new students as well.

But little does everyone know, a dark magic is lurking around the school. Students are flipping the scripts… secret romances, fights, betrayals, and kidnappings… What will happen in your years at Once Upon A High?


  1. You must have at least 4-5 sentences per post. No one liners!
  2. Sex is allowed, just don’t make it too descriptive.
  3. No god-modding.
  4. No killing off other characters unless given explicit permission by the owner of that character.


You must post at least once in 3 days, though more activity is encouraged. If you, for any reason, have a conflict (vacation, school trip etc.) that lasts over 3 days, please alert either EpisodeGirl or me. Any unexcused inactivity will result in your characters being put up for adoption.


  2. No two people can share the same exact first name.
  3. No two people can share the same exact faceclaim.
  4. Writing Sample Required.
  5. Your sign up must be approved by either EpisodeGirl or me, and we have the right to turn you away.

Name in roleplay:
Son/Daughter of:
Personality [BE DESCRIPTIVE]:
Best Subject:
Writing Sample:


As of right now, signs ups are closed to anyone other than the ones tagged below. This is to let the original RPers reclaim their characters and sort things out. If you wish to participate once sign ups are open to the public, post below letting me know, and I will tag you when sign ups are open.


(I am aware half of you aren’t active anymore, I’m just tagging everyone.)


Can I reclaim my characters? I was inactive on the last one, but I want to be active on this one. I think their names were Matisse, Alana and I can’t remember the 3rd - a boy.


Hey, Ella! You can totally reclaim your three! I, too have forgotten your boy character, but we can figure it out soon enough. Mattise and Alanna are all yours. :wink::two_hearts: We are so happy to have you with us again!

:heart: Epi


Thank you!! I missed this roleplay.
Can I make some edits to my characters though please, over PM? xx


Aww and we missed you. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: Of course! You can even re post your sign up here. :green_heart:


Yayyyyy I wanna make Anyce again but like totally revamped and can I have Chantelle again? Also Madelyn was a sweetheart I want to revamp her just a tad as well.


You got them! :grin: I can’t wait to see them- and you again! :two_hearts:


Ahhhhhh thanks girl I can’t wait to rp again I’ve been a little low on the rp of things lately


Okay I’ll do that, but if you still have it, can you send my characters information? I want to edit from the original stuff.
Thanks! :slight_smile:


Peeps listen up!

Everyone has to re-sign up any characters you wish to keep on here, revamped or not.
That’s all.


Awww I can’t wait to either, and honestly same :sweat_smile:


Of course, I will send it as soon as possible. :two_hearts:


I think it’s an example of a roleplay post you’ve done?


Only old RPers are arranging at the time, it will be announced when new members can sign up :wink::two_hearts: And Tiana is already taken as a parent. A writing sample is a piece of your best RP writing. Me and Kitten will read it and decide if you may join or not. :green_heart::star2::slight_smile:



Aight I’m gonna drop Maddox (oof original four…) and Adrien. Yee

Kitten, you keeping Max or no?


My character’s parents were Merida and Aurora, right? I… still can’t remember my boy yet xD


Alexander Rose is one of the boys! :smile: But Scarlet adopted him, you might have to talk about that :blue_heart::sweat_smile:


YAAAAASSSS CHID! I’m keeping Max my little baby. I’m keeping all of my original 4.


YASSSSS CHIDDDDDD :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::star2::crown:


Lol I’ve forgotten half my character’s names :joy: