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Haha nice emoji XD

Could you add Alexander “Lex” Collins, son of Prince Edward and Nancy under me (currently thinking about changing his name btw)


At first this confused me. But then I remembered… you were making Alex’ brother weren’t you? Nehal made one too, but she’s dropping him. Are you sure it’s not confusing if they’re both called Alexander/dra though? XD Kitten also has a character named Lex haha.


Yes, I was making Alex a brother, sad to hear Nehal dropped hers though ;-;

I’m trying to find a better name for him at the moment btw so don’t worry :slight_smile:


Name in roleplay: Adolfina Nightshadow
Son/Daughter of: the werewolf
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Straight
Bio: Adolfina grew up in the woods, with her father and brother. Her mother, was a human and died 15 years ago. Her mother was a princess that had royal blood but still couldn’t stand but act like an ‘wild’ girl. The queen didn’t think the crown would be suitable to Adolfina’s mother so she gave the crown to her mom’s sister and kicked her mother out of the palace and made her a normal human, villager. Her mother fled from the country and went into the woods and met her father. The two hunted together and fell in love, and had Adolfina and her brother- Justin. Her father talks about her mother all the time and misses her very much. He thinks he can’t stand more of losing his loved ones so he taught how to fight and hunt and survive to Adolfina and Justin the since they were very young. He hid them from the outer world until they were old enough to go to school. So this is Adolfina’s first year at school.
Personality [BE DESCRIPTIVE]: Adolfina is rather quiet but very noticeable and powerful. She sort of has that aura of power. the kind of power that comes out when it is needed. Adolfina is not very open to everyone but is very protective of the people she care’s about, and is nice and talkative to them. She would not care about insist about herself but the insults about the people she cares about will trigger her and make her beastly. She likes to hang out in the woods or somewhere natural and be free.
Face claim: https://i.pinimg.com/originals/94/92/df/9492df22ca7f657adb9621a9f9813280.jpg
Best Subject: Fighting/Gym/archery
Writing Sample:

Ashley Storm-Richard

I ignore the boy and the others who were debating about should they pull the lever or not or who should pull the lever. Nonsense they cant even see the biggest problem we have right now. I sigh and closely keep track of he monster. Then I watch the monster get hold of a huge rock as if it was a toy and throw it towards Bella. I started to create a forcefueld but I was too late. The rock hit- no went through her. Then suddenly Bella was gone. The same thing happened with Nadine. They both were gone. What? I was in panick. I glance at Crispen that was right next to me. Was it the rock that went through or is Nadine and Bella that became invisible? My brain started running fast. I eye Crispen with a what are we gonna do look in my eyes. The monster is getting closer every second, and it throws rocks at us which makes us dissolve for some reason. To kill it what do we have to do? Then a brilliant idea comes to mind. If the rocks dissolve us, it will dissolve the monster as well. And to throw it at it, it just needs to reflect. If I use my force fields at the right timing, I can make it reflect and dissolve the monster. My eyes widen as I turn to Crispen to tell him the plan but still having an eye on the monster.

~from Exousia School for Exceptional Teens


Name on forums: TheBluGeek

Name in roleplay: Aquila “Quill” Cassiopeia Lylios

Son/Daughter of: Bluebeard’s Seventh Wife

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Bisexual

She is the only child and daughter of Bluebeard’s Seventh Wife, Anna, the only wife of his to escape murder by his hands. After her mother had her brothers ‘kill’ Bluebeard.

Anna wished to put the whole experience behind her and turned to a lovely nobleman named Karion Lylios who cared little for Anna’s past. He only loved her and they soon had Aquila whom they loved dearly.

Growing up she enjoyed her childhood greatly. Her father was not only caring he providing both her and her mother a luxurious life. However, there was always something off with her mother. She did indeed love Aquila but always thought she looked like Bluebeard though she had dark brown hair (her blue hair grew in later) and felt that perhaps her brothers had not done the job right. After all, they had never found a body. Aquila watched her mother grow restless and Karion urged her to simply live in the moment.

For a very long time, Anna suppressed her fears and the family continued to be very loving. Even if Karion and Anna had their suspicions that Karion was not Aquila’s true father, they still loved her dearly. But when she was just 11, tragedy struck.

Her mother had apparently ran away in the middle of the night to deal with her fears and had never been found. They believed her dead and Aquila and Karion went into a state of depression and grieving. Karion did his best to care for Aquile despite her changes. She not only grew blue hair randomly but also became more hard and focused.

This was partially because it turns out Anna left Aquila a letter explaining why she had left and Anna’s past with Bluebeard. Aquila was shocked and became cold, vowing to avenge her mother who she figured was killed by Bluebeard. However, she decided to go after Bluebeard’s son, Cepheus, who her mother had mentioned in the letter. Aquila believed that her mother had taken care of Bluebeard and had left the letter for her to finish his foul bloodline.

Once she got her letter to OUAH (much to the delight of her father), Aquila shed her former name to “Quill” and made a fake past to not raise suspicions. Now was her time to give her mother and herself peace and to finish off Cepheus at all costs.

Personality [BE DESCRIPTIVE]: Aquila is a very conniving and deceptive person. She pretends to be an almost ladylike, social person but often is reserved and tries to talk as little as possible to someone. She is extremely focused on her one goal and does not wish to be distracted. However, she tries very hard to keep up her guise so that no one will suspect her of anything.

Her true self is someone who used to be very warm and is now very cold and cruel. Aquila will not mind going out of her way to tell someone to leave or to be unnecessarily cruel and do what is necessary. Her morals no longer guide her, only revenge. She will also enjoy leaving secretly snide comments.

Should anyone try to pursue a deeper platonic or romantic relationship with her, she will attempt to distance herself. Emotional attachments have no place in her heart anymore. Aquila does not want to be burdened by them but will react to them calmly, she is not one to loser her temper easily.

The only reason she would lose her temper is if she finally finds Cepheus. She would still try to hold her tongue however, Aquila wants to gain his trust and then break him before ending him once and for all. It would be the greatest revenge in her mind.

Faceclaim: CLICK HERE

Best Subject: Many physical activities and anything involving debating

Extra Info: Her only goal in life is to finish Bluebeard’s last remaining bloodline, Cepheus. She believes Bluebeard is dead and that once Cepheus is dead too she will finally be at peace.

Name on forums :

Name in Roleplay :
Adonis Gavin Tremaine

Son of :
Prince Edward and Nancy

Age :

Gender :

Sexuality :

Bio :
Lex had a pretty good childhood growing up. He had wonderful parents who loved each other and a sister who he was very close to and loved to play with. He wasn’t really close with his brother but he didn’t care much. He had tons of other friends as well since he was technically royalty and he was also quite the charismatic figure. Adding on to that, Lex was also a fast learner and eager for sports and the arts. Life was just like a fairytale. the kind where good always wins and bad always loses.

Until it wasn’t. Prince Edward and his beloved wife Nancy shattered their precious fairytale when they got divorced and his whole world collapsed. His friends were still there for him but his sister became a wild card and her life went down into a spiral. Lex also went to live with the parent that Alex was not living with and therefore couldn’t reach out to her. Jax and him still weren’t that close so he didn’t even bother reaching out to him.

To make matters even worse, the first time he saw Alex since the divorce, he realized how insane she had gotten and refused to watch her throw her life away. He isolated himself from her even further and vowed to stay as far from her as possible to keep up his good graces and name. Why would Lex Tremaine associate with someone who had fallen so far after all?

Then he got a letter to go to Once Upon a High and accepted without hesitating. He was excited at the opportunity to not only meet others but to get away from his messy private life. Luckily for him, his sister and brother that are part of the mess are also there… this is going to be fun.

Personality [BE DESCRIPTIVE] :
Adonis, a man so beautiful Aphrodite herself fell in love with him, which makes the name even more befitting for Lex. He’s got handsome looks from both his parents and a smile that can be blinding if he tries hard enough. To the detached public, he is perfect. He barely has to try to do anything right and he’s charismatic and caring. He loves to socialize and make friends with others, finding it easy to act kind towards others and charm them into being allies. Does the man have any flaws?

Yes. Inside, Lex is a constant storm of stress. He secretly studies extremely hard, sometimes pulling all-nighters, as he tries to uphold his reputation. He’s actually quite introverted as he prefers books to people but still doesn’t mind having to socialize. It’s a good skill to have and he hates showing that he is secretly a bookworm. He even has bad eyesight as he has to wear glasses at night (he has contacts for the day). Lex is also constantly criticizing his actions and backtracking everything to make sure its perfect.

He’s one of the most extreme perfectionists you will ever meet in fact. Every detail must be elegant and flawless. Nothing must be out of place. If anything is, you can expect him to fix it. The habit of perfecting everything is another thing that eats at Lex, as does the guilt of him abandoning his siblings and just isolating himself from them. He would never let anyone know that he hurts and cries himself to sleep some nights though. After all, Lex Tremaine has no flaws. He is perfect.

Faceclaim :
Click Here

Best Subject :
Music or Sports

Extra Info :
He has glasses and happens to be allergic to several animals though it’s only severe towards dogs

Name: Cepheus Cygnus Bronsen

Son/Daughter of: Bluebeard
Age: 17

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Demisexual

Bluebeard never died from his seventh wife’s brothers, he was simply wounded badly and ran off into the woods. While in hiding and trying to tend to his wounds, he ran across a witch named Ursa Vela who healed his wounds and took him in. With him, she found an apprentice who was ready to learn the dark arts. With her, he found a wife who was actually worthy of him. They wed soon after and she was soon with child. However, despite their happy family picture not all was well. Bluebeard hadn’t told his wife who he really was, taking the name Corvus Bronsen, and Ursa Vela did not tell him the true cost of learning the dark arts. Both of these truths would not come out until it was too late…

Ursa Vela finally gave birth to a health baby boy whom they dubbed Cepheus Cygnus Bronsen. They were content with their lives but not everyone was happy. Bluebeard’s seventh wife sought to ensure that Bluebeard was truly dead. Her brothers and sister Anne all assured her he had been slain but no body had ever been found. She wanted to ensure he never hurt anyone else again and went out to find him.

Her quest took her to the humble abode in the woods where the couple and child lived. There she found a confused Ursa Vela with a three month old baby boy who was waiting for some food. Bluebeard was currently out hunting for game unbeknownst to the seventh wife. Ursa Vela, wishing for some company other than her husband and son’s invited her in for a meal and assured her that her husband Corvus would be back soon.

‘Corvus’ did come back, and to a rather strange scene. His former wife and his new wife were sitting and conversing in the same room. The seventh wife was confused before realizing what was truly happening. Shocked and confident, she attacked Bluebeard and was only stopped when Ursa Vela killed her. Ursa demanded the truth from her husband who begrudgingly revealed he was Bluebeard. In a fit of rage, she shot a Curse at her husband and attempted to flee. However, Bluebeard was also enraged that he had been Cursed and killed his wife in blind rage. When he came to, he was horrified and took his son Cepheus with him to a remote village.

There they grew up with a strained relationship. Ursa Vela’s Curse ensured that Bluebeard’s violent tendencies returned and it would slowly worsen. However, what his wife had not expected was that Bluebeard would contain it… and take it out on his son. At first, Cepheus believed that it was just his father getting drunk and this helped him still love his father until Cepheus couldn’t smell the stink of alcohol on him and he realized his father must have really hated him. The thought made Cepheus depressed and mad and he started to grow hate for his father but everything was about to change with a simple letter from a place called Once Upon a High.

Cepheus was ecstatic at the opportunity but Bluebeard was distraught at losing his only family. He was about to keep Cepheus locked up in his room when Cepheus managed to use dark magic to stun his father, giving him a chance to flee and head to OUAH.


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Best Subject:
Dark Arts

Writing Sample:
He came to in a very strange state of mind. What had happened? What could he remember? The blast of magic. Ursa… was it her? For a moment, he recalled the moment she had betrayed him, had tried to get rid of him but he was much too powerful for that. No. This was different. It was like her but… not the s- Now he remembered. The man slowly got up, hobbling towards the door and grabbing a small satchel he always kept handy in case of emergencies. Who knows what could happen? Perhaps another one of his enemies could find him or he could be robbed or framed so it was important to be prepared. This… this was not an occasion he had prepared for, he admitted that to himself but as he swung the door open brashly, he knew he would take care of it. Outside, he spotted careless and clumsy prints that led into the woods somewhere.

Keep on running, boy. You’ll never be able to outrun me though, Cepheus.

Over the summer...

Cepheus stayed hidden, having one close call with a certain someone and continuing to fear for his very life though he had learned new skills and tricks over the months. Including from a stranger living in his head.

Aquila enjoyed heading back to her father’s estate though she was always planning and counting down the days. Very soon her mission would be completed and her mother would be finally able to rest. She had one weak fish to fry and then she too would rest.

Adonis spent his summer living in luxury and loneliness. There were quite a few problems he had to face over the summer but it was nothing he couldn’t take care of. He was a Collins after all and there were very few things he couldn’t (try to) do. At least, that’s what he said but never thought.

Needs some editing but Aquila is finished.


Name in roleplay: Rahul Mehra
Son/Daughter of: Krrish & Priya Mehra
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Bio: Rahul spent most of his childhood growing up in the village where his father had been raised. At a very young age, he and his sister started training for their missions — which included things like stopping a car crash, helping airplanes with broken landing gear land safely, and overall, protect their fellow citizens. Just like his father did, Rahul wore a mask whenever he was on a mission to conceal his identity. When he became a teenager, he started being sent to different places around the world to complete more of his missions. He was sad to leave his parents and sister behind, but he was also happy to explore the places he went to. He was thrilled when he got a letter to go to OUH, because he’d be with his sister again.
Personality [BE DESCRIPTIVE]: Rahul is a kind and innocent soul who would never hurt a fly (well, as long as the fly isn’t inside his house). Although he is seventeen years old, he is still a kid at heart (and may or may not act like one sometimes). Hurt his family (especially his sister, Ishaani) or his friends, and he’ll make you wish (or at least try to) that you’d never been born. He can be extremely stubborn at times, especially when it comes to his feelings. He knows what he feels, but he always tries to deny it, as he’s afraid of being hurt and not knowing what to do if something like that happens.
Faceclaim: Here
Best Subject: Physical Education


Name on forums: Star8
Name in roleplay:Lexi
Son/Daughter of: Attina
Bio: Lexi and her mother grew up in the ocean.They always swam together and had lots of fun.she misses her mom when she is not with her. She loves her mom so much, she will always contact her mom when she has time.
Personality [BE DESCRIPTIVE]: I like to sing and dance with her and I play piano too she gets angry easily and jealous easily. I get sad when someone doesn’t like me but then I control my emotions to stay strong.


Best Subject:piano


Name on forums: Star8
Name in roleplay:Steve
Son/Daughter of: shoemakers elf
Bio: He gets along with his dad, he told his dad that he likes both genders.his dad supports him since he is bisexual, he wants a boyfriend or girlfriend. His dad loves him so much. He has a dog named ray, he plays with him everyday. He doesn’t have a mom.
Personality [BE DESCRIPTIVE]: he is single, he listens to music on his iPod Touch, he is a smart boy, he gets jealous sometimes. He is strong and he stands up for himself. He wants to be a singer someday. He can sometimes loose his temper when someone makes him mad.




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