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Name on forums: Aquamarine
Name in roleplay: Madeline Potts
Son/Daughter of: Mrs. Potts
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Bio: Madeline and her brother, Noah, were raised by Mrs. Potts in Belle’s castle. Mrs. Potts tried to control Madeline’s behavior, but she wouldn’t budge. Her behavior became worse when she became a teenager, and that’s when Mrs. Potts quit.
Noah, on the other hand, was the complete opposite of Madeline. He always respected the royals and the villagers. Madeline became upset when she thought that her mother loved Noah more than her. At one point, Madeline even tried to run away after witnessing her mom and her brother joking around with each other. She thought that they didn’t need her. Luckily, her mother stopped her from running away and assured her that she needed both of her kids as much as her kids need her. Things became better after that, but Madeline’s personality did not change.
Personality [BE DESCRIPTIVE]: It doesn’t take people long to dislike Madeline Potts. When she meets someone for the first time, Madeline acts sweet and kind, especially if she is around her parents, teachers, and basically anyone else who is an adult. She makes them think that she is the perfect girl, when in reality she isn’t. When her new “friend” leaves, she spreads horrible rumors and talks about him or her behind their back. This is what her mother and her twin brother disapprove of most.
Madeline does have a wild side, and she loves to party. She doesn’t give a crap of what time of the day it is, whether it’s school time or two in the morning. She will attend any party she hears about, whether she is invited or not.
It may not seem like it, but Madeline does care about the people she loves—her mother and her twin brother. She is also very protective of her friends, although she doesn’t have many due to her unlikable personality and her bad habit of spreading false rumors. But if someone offends her, her family, or her friends, she will always fight back.
Faceclaim: https://goo.gl/images/i4bBXz
Best Subject: History


Name on forums: Aquamarine
Name in roleplay: Noah Potts
Son/Daughter of: Mrs. Potts
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Bio: Noah and his sister, Madeline, were raised by Mrs. Potts in Belle’s castle. At a very young age, the public saw how respectful and well-mannered Noah was, and he began to gain respect. This made his sister jealous, but she didn’t show it (nor did she change her ways). This made Noah very happy, but he was a little upset about his sister’s behaviors. Even though they were twins, Noah used to take care of Madeline a lot, and make sure she didn’t do anything bad.
One day, Noah was joking around with his mother. He didn’t notice that Madeline was standing in the doorway staring at them. That was when Madeline decided to run away; she thought that her family didn’t need her. Mrs. Potts managed to stop Madeline and comfort her, but Noah felt really bad. He didn’t realize that Madeline had felt that way. He was also mad at himself for making her feel that way, and he would annoy Madeline with apologies.
Eventually, Madeline felt happy again (but did not change her ways), and their relationship went back to normal.
Personality [BE DESCRIPTIVE]: Noah is the completely opposite (well, mostly opposite) of his twin sister, Madeline. He is respectful, kind, and caring. He highly disapproves Madeline’s habit of gossiping about people. But no matter what he tries to do about it, she won’t budge.
As much as Noah disapproves of Madeline’s bad habits, he also loves to joke around with her, his family, and friends. And like Madeline, he also loves attending parties. But unlike his sister, he would never skip school or an important event to go to one.
Faceclaim: https://goo.gl/images/hyZjXK
Best Subject: History


Name on forums: Aquamarine
Name in roleplay: Callista
Son/Daughter of: Cogsworth
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Bio: Callista was born a bright and happy baby. She rarely cried and threw tantrums, which made most people around her love her. She stayed that way even when she grew up.
It was rare that she cried, but when she did, it meant something bad had occured. Callista had her first boyfriend when she was fifteen, and she fell for him immediately. But it turns out that he’d been cheating on her, and it was awful for her. This happened two more times - Callista fell for two more boys, but they didn’t love her back. You’d think that she would stop trusting guys altogether, but she didn’t. She still had hope.
People began to realize how easily manipulated and trusting Callista was, and they tried to take advantage of her. At one point, things when to an extreme when someone threatened Callista that if she didn’t do what they said, they would kill her family. Luckily, her family wasn’t killed, and the person who threatened her was jailed. After that happened, Callista was grounded.
Callista’s parents decided to send her to OUH, where she and her family back home would be safe. Callista was sad to leave, but is also excited for a fresh start.
Personality [BE DESCRIPTIVE]: Callista is a free-spirited party girl. She’s the type of person that never hesitates to do something good for the world, and is very adventurous.
However, Callista trusts people too easily, and is easily manipulated and influenced. This flaw of hers constantly gets her heart broken, and once her family was even in danger of being killed.
Faceclaim: https://goo.gl/images/YDCjUV
Best Subject: Physical Education


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