Fairytale-d! (Official Sign Up Thread)



Congratulations, student! We have verified that you are indeed a child of a famous fairytale character, and are now inviting you to Once Upon a High!

Once Upon a High, a school just for the sons and daughters of fairytale characters. And you’ve been invited! Please meet at the crosstreets of Mulberry Avenue, and Jameson Street. A portal will transport you to the school. Our school has been standing tall for fifty-two years. We hope you enjoy our fifty-fourth year here with us.

Little does everyone know, a dark magic is lurking around the school. Students are flipping the scripts…secret romances, fights… What will happen in your years at Once Upon A High?


  2. No two people can share the same exact first name.
  3. No two people can share the same exact faceclaim.

Name on forums:
Name in roleplay:
Son/Daughter of:
Personality [BE DESCRIPTIVE]:
Best Subject:

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~Once you have completed your sign-up, you may begin roleplaying!

(This RP has already been started, on the old forums. But you can still sign up, then jump right in! :slight_smile:)


Name on forums: CookieCrumbs

Name in roleplay: Brayden

Son/Daughter of: Beauty and the beast

Age: 17

Gender: male


Personality [BE DESCRIPTIVE]: he is shy around girls and others because he is very forward. he loves to be funnny but doesn’t have alot of friends. he’s here at the school to change and become a new person. but he is easliy influenced by friends and will do whatever they say.

Bio: Brayden was shocked when he head his brother weston had ran away so he took his place at the school. He looked up to weston and wanted to be just like him. he was working out alot so he could be as strong as weston! now he is nervous but likes to say quiet.

Faceclaim: https://www.google.com/search?q=cute+guys&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwiA35avybDZAhUMw2MKHZoLBVgQ_AUICigB&biw=1440&bih=769#imgrc=vM7peXrQ4YbP4M:

Best Subject: uh… none?


You might want to add a bio to your sign ups. :slight_smile:


And also, did you just add fights to the description? Yeah, totally haven’t had any fights…


LOL! :rofl:


I would like to take… ahem… Prince Caspian’s child, Nikabrik child, Lady of the Green Kirtle. And three more who’s parents I haven’t figured out yet.


Okay! You got them!


Okay okay… Ahem. Here are my children. I’ll figure out genders later. Tomorrow when I make them. Children of…


Prince Caspian, Nikabrik, Lady of the Green Kirtle, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, Kumiho, one of the twelve dancing princesses, and Odette (Swan lake. Not sure if anyone has here…), and finally Nemesis (Mythology so I don’t know if I’m allowed.)… Thank you

@EpisodeGirl - Are they alright? can I start making them? Or…


I cant see then




Just realised what that triangle did! How?


How what?


The triangle that shows more info!


Yeah. Did you know that?




Welp. It does… Can I have em?


Some of those people I don’t even know. Aww, Odette would be so cool to have! :frowning: Could you tell me who some of then are! Other than that, can’t wait to see them! :slight_smile:



Prince Caspian - From Narnia, a Telmarine prince and heir to the throne, he like kills his uncle and becomes king I’m pretty sure.

Nikabrik - Henchman of the White Witch and now his childs Liv’s henchman

Lady GK - A witch that wants to take over Narnia

Dr. Jekyll - A man who has two personalities. A monster I guess you can say.

Kumiho - A creature in Korean mythology that turns into woman and captures man to eat.

Nemesis - The goddess of balance if I’m remembering correctly


Wow. Cool! You have my permission.


Yay! Thank you! I’ll hopefully have them tomorrow.