Fairytale-d! (Official Sign Up Thread)


Only the character yesterday
I still need my new characters to be approved first


Ohhh… mkay


Both of my new characters are Approachable. I haven’t used either of them yet so either one could be anywhere.


What are they called?


Kaleb and Lee


Do you want them to come up to Darling or Darling come up to them?


Darling can come up to them. And do you want her to talk to one or both of them?


I don’t mind you choose xx


It would be easier for me to have her talk to just one of them but it doesn’t matter which one


Let’s just use Kaleb


Ok Darling can approach him when you are ready


Put something in the to so he’s doing something that She can react to xx


Ok I am doing that now.


Is anyone approachable?


One of my new characters, Lee, is Approachable.


what is he like because I was thinking of using Atlantis and he is kind of rough and stand offish.


This is his personality


New characters up for adoption. PM me if interested.


Who approachable at the park? Or wherever for my girl character?


My character Lee is Approachable. He can be wherever.