Fairytale-d S Class 🎓


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Just like fight club, this is not a spin off or a sequel. This is the S Class.

S Class
A special class formed by the mysterious Lady Alexis. It aims at bringing students together, helping them achieve their potential, and sparking the conversations that will bring them closer to their futures.
Filled with fun and random facts, and even more fun and random activities in store, the S class is a unique place where anyone from OUAH can come to learn. ~ LTea

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:mortar_board: Lady Alexis Viviane Lacus || S Class
Standing at the front of the class, I look around at each student with a warm smile. “In each of your respective books, a name will have appeared. This will be your partner for my first assignment.”
She wrote ‘The True Tale’ on the chalkboard, and turned back with a flourish. “In order to understand what I meant by knowing Magic, you must first know what really happened. People add details and drama to stories all the time, but to learn, we need the truth.” She tapped her book, and the names of the pairs appeared on the first page of every student’s notebooks. “I want you to find your partner and interview them. Politely. Find Three acts of potential magic, and where they are in the story, and prepare a presentation to the class.”
she clapped her hands twice. “You may begin.”

x Anyce + Niliv
x Caoimhe + Nolan
x Cora + Hans
x Dirlo + Arissa
x Liv + Jay
x Flynn + Marta
x Cecil + Camilla
x Adaline + Zach
x Cymtia + Victoria
x Bythe + Kassidy
x Colette + Atticus

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:yellow_heart: Camilla Gaston :yellow_heart: S Class :yellow_heart:
I look at the first page of my S Class notebook. Cecil… “Is Cecil a girl name or a boy name?” I ask loudly, looking around.

@ScarletSwanHunter @LTea


Who’s Cora? She’d be a girl…
He looks around the room.
Well that’s helpful.
“I’m looking for a Miss Cora,” he says aloud.
Flynn, eh?
Marta leans back in her chair.
I’ll just wait until more people pair up.


Victoria :ribbon:
I open my book to find the name Cymtia written down. Now, who was that again? I got up from my seat and walk over to the girl who introduced herself as Cymtia at the beginning of the class. “Um, Cymtia, right? Looks like we’re partners.” I smile shyly.



She grinned up at the girl, “That’s me. Nice to meet you. Victoria right. I love your name. It sounds a lot like victory. It’s very pretty, I like it.” She slammed her book shut, “Alright were do you want to work? How do you want start this off.”



Victoria :ribbon:
“Well we have to interview each other, right? If you want you could interview me first.” I suggested.



“Alright. Have a seat.” What in the world is an interview? She pulled out a chair next to her, turning away from Niliv and Dirlo. They would find their partners soon enough. “So who are your parents first of all.”



Victoria :ribbon:
“My mother’s known as Ella Enchanted. She was cursed with an obedience spell for the majority of her life.” I explained. “My father’s the prince, well, now king, that she fell in love with.”



“Aw, that so sweet. Okay, what was her story? What happened. One thing at a time though, I need to write this down and I need to keep up.” She opened her notebook to a new page and started writing down. She crossed her legs and looked up at the girl, “Aren’t you going to sit down?”



Victoria :ribbon:
“Oh, right.” Before starting to retell my mother’s story I take a seat. “Well, it all started when my mother was born. My grandparents were nobles and a fairy named Lucinda, I guess you could call her my mother’s fairy godmother, thought she was gifting her with obedience, but it was more of a curse.” I began.



She wrote it all down and looked up, “So, wait, your mother was gifted with obedience. Meaning she did anything and everything anyone told her. Gods that’s… well terrible.”



Victoria :ribbon:
I nod. “She didn’t really have a say, she had to do everything she was told to do… Anyways, her mother died and her father remarried. Essentially the basic evil stepmother story…” I shrugged. “Her new stepsisters took advantage of her obedience and made a fool out of her. Then she met my father, and he invited her to a ball. Her stepsisters got jealous and forced her to end her friendship with her best friend.”



“This sounds a lot Cinderella. Never really been a big fan of that story but you’re is sounding a lot more interesting.” She stated and wrote it down. “So why did she have to end the friendship exactly. Just because they were terrible people? That the only reason they did it?”




He over heard the girl say his name and groaned. Flynn laughed next to him. “She just called you a girl.”
Cecil hit Flynn in the ribs and turned around to face the girl. “It’s a tradition boy name originating from Welsh. And I’ll have you know its a very popular name.”



Victoria :ribbon:
“Well her stepsisters were fans of the prince and were jealous that my mother got invited, not them,” I explained. “My mother couldn’t make many friends because of her curse so to get back at her, so they made her end the friendship with her best friend to get back at her.”



“Well that’s very rude. Please tell me they get their bad fortune at the end of this story because if not I might have to get mum involved.” She eyed the girl who’s name meant victory.



Victoria :ribbon:
“Well, I suppose we’ll get there when we get there.” I smile before continuing. “Anyways, my mother at this point is miserable and sets out to find Lucinda so she could undo her curse. This part is a bit weird; Mandy, the house fairy lends my mother a book, but not just any book.” I started. “It’s Mandy’s boyfriend Benny who she accidentally transformed into a magical talking book.” I laughed



“House fairy? What is a house fairy?” She asked, looking up from her notes. “And if she’s a fairy, why didn’t this Mandy break the curse for your mother. Why did your mother have to take some talking book?”