Fairytale-d : The Return of a Legend || Sign Ups


Original roleplay, Fairy Tale-d, was created and run by @EpisodeGirl (me). If @Kittenlove returns to the forums, she helps run the role play, but for now I’m on my own with the sequel. :sweat_smile:

Dear (Name),
Congratulations, student! We have verified that you are indeed a child of a famous fairytale character, and are now inviting you to Once Upon a High!
Once Upon a High is a school just for the sons and daughters of fairytale characters. Please meet at the crosstreets of Mulberry Avenue, and Jameson Street on August 30, or as soon as you receive this letter. A portal will then appear to transport you to the school.
Our fine establishment has been standing tall for fifty-four years. We hope you enjoy our fifty-fifth year here with us.

Headmaster Grimm

Last year, all the students went home for the summer break, slightly frazzled, but well. Deals had been struck, kisses shared, couples created. Now some of the older students will be returning to OUH for their second year, along with some new students as well.

But little does everyone know, a dark magic is lurking around the school. Students are flipping the scripts… secret romances, fights, betrayals, and kidnappings… What will happen in your years at Once Upon A High?


  1. You must have at least 4-5 sentences per post. No one liners!
  2. Sex is allowed, just don’t make it too descriptive, and add a warning before anything too intense.
  3. No god-modding without permission. (Controlling other people’s characters)
  4. No killing off other characters unless given explicit permission by the owner of that character.
  5. Put a trigger warning before any post that has a sensitive topic. And try to keep topics that are too sensitive out of the role play. If you must include such topics, do your research and keep writing about them minimal.
  6. No ORP posts in the role play to keep it clean and neat looking. If you must make an ORP statement, add it to your role play post, PM the person, or put it in the chat.
  7. Always add your characters location to their name if they are cloned.


You must post at least once every 4 days, though more activity is encouraged. If you, for any reason, have a conflict (vacation, school trip etc.) that lasts over 4 days, please alert me and you will be excused. Any unexcused inactivity for over 5 days will result in a PM asking if everything is okay. Any unexcused inactivity for over 2 weeks will result in your characters being put up for adoption.


  1. No Mary Sue’s or Gary Stu’s! (AKA PERFECT CHARACTERS)
  2. No two people can share the same exact first name.
  3. No two people can share the same exact faceclaim. (Unless they’re identical twins.)
  4. Writing Sample Required.
  5. Your sign up must be approved by me and I have the right to turn you away or ask you to change something. (Sorry I’m advance! :sweat:)

Name in roleplay:
Son/Daughter of:
Personality [BE DESCRIPTIVE]:
Best Subject:
Writing Sample:


Sign ups are open to everyone! If you have any questions, feel free to comment them. Make sure to ask if a certain parent is taken before writing a whole sign up. If you were in the old version of the RP, you don’t have to repost your Faceclaims, I can find them.


(I am aware half of you aren’t active anymore, I’m just tagging everyone.)


Hope I didn’t forget anything… thank you for reading and I’m so excited to restart this role-play!



You already have my characters :joy:


Yesss!!! Can I still have my characters Mariana, Lili and… Callum?


Yes ma’am, I do :wink:

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Of course you can! I’m so excited to have you with us! :heart_eyes:

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Ahhh glad to be a part of this !!! (Should I copy and paste my sign ups from the last one onto here?)

Words cannot express how grateful i would be if you could :heart_eyes::heart:

Will get on that in the next hour - but want to change a bit about my character (againnnn xD) and I’ll get it on.
(Also saw that your on your own for now, I would be happy to help as much as possible!)

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Ooh I’m excited! Thank you very much! :blush::joy:

Ahh thank you so much that means a lot to me! I would love your help so much I really appreciate it UWU :sob::sob:

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:green_heart: Tiara Eudora Naveen

Daughter Of | The Frog Princess
Gender | Female
Age | Sixteen
Sexuality | Homosexual

Personality | :exclamation:TW : Mention of mental disorders :exclamation:
Tiara often seems like she has two different personalities- the first meek, shy and submissive. She has trouble getting words out or expressing her opinions. She has a habit of fidgeting with her nails and the ends of her hair. This side of her personality most often appears around men. She often has flashbacks of her past experiences which cause her to panic and her breathing to become ragged.
The other side of her personality is rare but often comes out around other girls, and when she’s alone. She’s very friendly and even has a touch of sass to her. She loves making new friends and then developing those friendships. She’s a loyal friend, and since her friends are what she holds closest to her, she can come off as too needy. That also applies to relationships, although she hasn’t had a proper romantic relationship before.
Growing up, Tiara’s escape was cooking. She enjoys everything about it, the smells, cultures, tastes, colors, and sounds. Her shelves are filled with cook books and biographies of her favorite cooks. The kitchen pantry is always teeming with ingredients and baking potions. She owns at least twenty different aprons, and racks of spices. Tiara believes one’s stomach is always the way to their heart, so she’s always sharing her meals and treats with others in hopes to gain their affection.
Tiara knew she liked girls romantically from a young age. She was still questioning if she liked boys as well, although she soon decided she didn’t. When she has a crush, she always acts friendlier to them than anyone else, and bakes them plenty of candies and treats, hoping they might accept her love. She stopped trying after she met Ace, facing low self esteem and believing no one would accept a girl like her. Besides, the girls in her neighborhood were neither into girls, or her type. Even though she doesn’t have a girlfriend, she’s still very romantic and hopes for her first real relationship someday.

Biography | :exclamation:TW : Rape and Sexual Abuse :exclamation:
Tiara was raised in a large, expensive house in a wealthy neighborhood. She had plenty of neighbors, almost equally wealthy, and they would often play together, wade in the swamps, or have a tea party with their dozens of stuffed toys. Her parents were always extremely busy with their co-owned restaurant Tiana’s Palace, sometimes even working so late they slept there. To keep from being too lonely, Tiara decided to take up cooking. The maids taught her how to make dozens of treats and meals. What started as a simple hobby turned into something Tiara couldn’t imagine living without. Soon, she was making her own recipes, always experimenting with new techniques or spices. She baked for her friends and cooked her own meals. She was every bit as good as her mother, perhaps even better.
A bit after Tiara had just turned twelve years old, Lottie LaBouff, her Mother’s old friend moved into the house next door, which had been empty for a few years. With her she brought her husband and five sons; Ace, Liam, Zane, Stefan, and Isaak. Her mother encouraged her to bake some baguettes for the new neighbors as a welcoming gift. Even though she was a bit shy, Tiara baked up her best plate of honey drizzled goodness and headed over to the boys’ house.
Lottie graciously accepted the sweets, and Introduced Tiara to her sons. Ace and her were only a year apart. Liam was her age. They asked her if she wanted to play a game of tag. They played a few rounds, but they were very rough, pushing her onto the ground, scraping up her knees, screaming and kicking. They were used to being rough with each other but Tiara never wanted to go back after that.
One unfortunate night, Tiara’s parents had to take a business trip and decided to leave her with the LaBouff family while they were gone. And while Lottie was on the phone and painting her nails, Ace took Tiara into his bedroom and raped her. In the years to come, him and his brothers would continue doing this. They threatened her to make sure she didn’t tell her parents or any of her friends. And she didn’t- who would believe her anyways.
These experiences turned Tiara into a very timid and depressed person. She often struggles with self esteem and confidence, often being submissive instead of standing up for herself. She stopped talking to most of her friends, locking herself in her room, praying for the nightmares that came every day to be over. Eventually, Lottie found out about what her sons had done, but she was more worried about the reputation of the LaBouff family than the horrible things her children had done. She began paying Tiara large sums of money and showering her with clothes and gifts, begging her not to tell anyone. Tiara meekly agreed, she hadn’t planned to anyways.
But one fateful day, when the LaBouff family was on vacation, an envelope and box arrived in the mail, an invitation to Once Upon A High with a matching uniform. Hoping this would be a way out of her horrible life, Tiara slipped into the uniform, packed her suitcase, and left for the school.

Best Class | Culinary

Faceclaim |

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Omg you seem so nice of course i’ll help youu!

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Should I show a writing sample before reserving my characters, or after?

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Aww thank you so much, you seem very sweet yourself! :slight_smile: I’m so excited to work with you, thank you a million times again. :sparkling_heart:

Omg I’m so stupid I thought you were Ella! You can place your reserves first :slight_smile::two_hearts: I’m so excited you’re interested.

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:butterfly: Callie Diana Charming
Daughter of | Cinderella and Prince Charming
Age | Sixteen
Gender | Female
Sexuality | Heterosexual

Personality | :exclamation:TW : Mention of body dysforia and the word sex​:exclamation:
Callie is optimistic, bubbly, and sweet. On the outside, she appears confident, fun, and like the perfect, popular party girl. But deep down, Callie is insecure about everything. What people will think of her controls her every decision. If someone doesn’t like her, she flips out and tries to “fix” herself so they will. She’s also insecure about her looks, mainly her face and chest. Although she was blessed with the Charming gift of beauty, Callie worries it is not enough to get guys to like her or girls to be her friends. So every time she goes out, Callie stuffs her bra with padding and cakes her face with makeup. She wears the newest fashions, which are often immodest.
Her relationship with the rest of her family worsened over the years. Kai and her grew apart as he got cocky, jerky, and made new friends. Her father and her barely had anything since she was born, but now their relationship was nonexistent. He was always away and never bothered checking in on her or talking to her. Her Mom was a bit better at first, but Callie eventually pushed her away until they were only cold to each other. Her mom had no idea what she was going through, and so be it. Callie didn’t need her.
Callie became interested in cosmetology and fashion after her ‘personality switch’. She loved coming up with cute makeup and outfit ideas and was often thinking about how she could pair a certain outfit with a certain look.
Unfortunately, her insecurity led to a lot of bad relationships. Even though her boyfriends refused to sleep with her, they did not refuse to ask for photos, body shame her, or become overprotective and controlling. Callie suffered through a lot of these relationships and still hasn’t told anyone what happened in them, not even her parents or close friends.

Biography | :exclamation: TW : Mention of body dysforia and the word sex :exclamation:
With the illustrious Cinderella and Prince Charming as parents, Callie grew up wanting for nothing. She had piles of beautiful clothing, a giant castle to live in, and servants at her beck and call. As a child, Callie was carefree and fun to be around. She ran around the castle, pulling pranks on the maids and spooking the horses with her older brother Kai. She rolled in the mud, soiling her gowns, and refused to brush her hair. When she was of age, she was sent to the top private school in the Charming Kingdom. Callie instantly formed close friendships with the other royals there, and most of the princes had huge crushes on her, even if it was only for her heritage. But when Callie turned twelve, everything began to change.
Well, except for her. Callie hadn’t changed a bit. She still played sports, and didn’t give much care to how she looked or what she wore. But when her friends started to ignore her and find other friends, and the guys seemed to have lost interest, she started to wonder why. When she finally tracked down one of her old friends and asked why they had stopped hanging out, the answer was blunt. “You used to be fun… But you’re just not that pretty. You don’t wear anything cute or new… Your hair’s a mess… And you’re pretty…flat, you know?” Callie hadn’t noticed until then but all the girls in her grade had… chests. She was the only girl without a ‘proper’ chest and she began to hate it.She began to hate herself. The words from her friend stung and she wanted to change.
Over the summer break, Callie spent no time with her family. She didn’t go to the pool, hang out with friends (she didn’t have any), or binge FairyFlix shows until her eyes got too tired to see straight. Callie locked herself in her room, went online, and ordered anything that looked trendy, modern, or immodest from online stores. She perfected her makeup skills through videos, learned how to walk in high heels, and experimented on which bra stuffing materials worked the best. When break ended and the first day of school arrived, Callie walked confidently through the halls, feeling like a new person.
And to other people, she was. Callie instantly gained tons of friends, and the guys’ interest perked up again. She was invited to all sorts of parties and get-togethers. She was never alone, and people were “always there for her”. Unfortunately, these friendships came at a cost- her family. Callie slowly drifted away from her family, not speaking to them always taking her dinner to her room, and sometimes flushing it down the toilet so she didn’t ‘eat too much’. She felt like her parents didn’t care much so she decided she wouldn’t either.
The only thing keeping her from reaching ‘ultimate popularity’ was one word. VIRGIN. Callie knew if she had “experience” she’d make even more friends and be seen as mature, fun, carefree. By now, she was older than she used to be, about 15 and figured she was old enough for something. But every guy she dated wouldn’t sleep with her. They said she deserved better and they worried her father, King Charming would have them hanged for it. This was especially frustrating to Callie, and brought deeper insecurity.
But there was still one girl who hated her with a passion, Lora Lanceton. Lora and Callie were rivals of a sort, always competing to see who had better clothes, makeup looks, guys, and who could get away with breaking the dress code more easily. But slowly, Lora began to drift from just a rival. She began to bully Callie online with Fairygram hate accounts, ‘accidentally’ push her in the hallways, and put mean notes and (unopened) condom packages in her locker. Every day, Callie was reminded that she wasn’t as smart, experienced, pretty, curvy, or popular as Lora or other girls. It wouldn’t have bothered the old her, but she was so wrapped up in this new identity that she took this seriously. She felt lonely again and cried every night.
One Monday morning, Callie opened her locker to find it vandalized and most of her textbooks missing. She whipped around to find Lora behind her, her casual smirk present on her perfect face. Callie had bundled up all the bullying and pain and tolerated it her best. But she couldn’t bear it anymore. It started as a simple catfight. Slapping, ripping out extensions, clawing at each other’s skin with perfect manicures. But then the spells started. Callie was very good at casting spells from her magic classes. And she had no problem using dark magic spells on her enemy. Lora ended up in the hospital, and Callie ended up expelled from school.

Best Class | Cosmetology and Manner

Faceclaim |

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Okay cooll do you want to go to PM?

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It’s fine. :joy: Thank youuu, reserve for a child from Four Skillful Brothers and a child of the sister in The Six Swans.

Also, does the child have to biologically be the fairy tale character’s, or could the child just had been raised by them?


Let’s do this :clap:t4:

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Wow you managed to pick parents no one had yet! That’s a first :joy::heart_eyes:
But great choices!

And no they don’t have to be biological, really cool idea again! :blush::heart: I love it!

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Also - are there any children of Belle (Beauty and The Beast) reserved?

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