Fairytaled Art Group! ✨


Hey again! Remember this thread? :wink: Well, restarting it! Yay :smiley: hope you all rejoin me.

(Had to restart because it was closed)

For the people who haven’t already joined, basically, I will request art, and whoever calls dibs gets to make it. The art will be for a story I’m working on, based on a RP called Fairytaled.

Name on Forums:
What you’re good at:
Why you want to join:
When are you most active /time zone:
Examples (optional):

People already registered : @Kittenlove @COVERS_just_for_you @Mashia @MysteriousAcro
*forgive me if I forgot anyone.

Thank you! Xoxo



Making art

To help people

I’m all everyday

Give me a second


There are more give me a second


Good at making splash


Very nice! You are in!


I gonna send some more


Here is the one i really like



Character edit @Jayla12 for the second one


I need an overlay of the bed :wink:

First come, first serve.




You got it! When will it be done? :slight_smile:


In 30 minute


Yay! Thank you so much.



Ahhh! Tysm


your welcome


It looks really cool


Thx anything else


I can help you too!


fill in the form please