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This is a thread to write fan fiction about your favorite ships, characters, or just things that take place in the world of Once Upon a High.
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  2. You may describe kissing, and touching, like hugs, or rubbing a back. You can say the characters had sex, but you can’t describe it, keep it PG13. Save that nasty for Wattpad.

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P.S. Anyone who doesn’t like Lycom can leave!

Lycomedes was wandering through the woods because Aura had rejected him again. All the other kids hated him but what they didn’t understand was that Lycom just wanted someone to love him.
Then Lycom saw the most beautiful girl he had ever seen. She had beautiful pale locks and crystal clear orbs. Her figure was curvy, but still skinny. It’s kinda hard to describe, but you know what I mean.
Lycom POV:
OMG she is so hawt! Could she be the one to truly understand me? No, shell probably be like everyone else.
Regular POV:
But Lycom was wrong!
Livana POV:
Who is that man with the perfectly chiseled abs? I think I just found my soulmate. :heart_eyes:

Regular POV:
Livana took her headphones off (she had beemlistening to My Chemical Romance) and said
Hi, we go to the same school my name is Livana.
Lycomedes blushed and stammered
Well, uh, yeah, I mean, its a-amazing I haven’t noticed a p-p-pretty girl like you, Livana-chan. My name is Lycomedes!

That’s all for Chapter 1. I don’t care if you think its too short the next chapter will be out soon.


Truth or Dare game

Oh dear lord… Lycom has gone from a sadistic psychopath to a stuttering victim of bullying.
I’ve just felt a part of my soul crack… XD

Sorry, just had to make this clear. Lycomedes is not a good person. I felt like it needed to be said.



Livana stands up and brushes her clothes off-- she was wearing black skinny jeans a black and white hoodie and converse.
Pleased to meet you Lycom-chan. Please take care of me.
He looks away from her goddess face and mumbles Why d-don’t you hate m-me?
W-why d-dont you hate m-me?
Why would I hate you, Lycom-kun? I know that you just need someone to love you?
Lycom POV
Nobody has ever understood me like this. She must be my true love.
Normal POV
Lycomedes forgot all about the evil hag.
Then they made-out and they did a bunch of other stuff that I can’t put here because im not some sort of wattpad diginerate.
but the evil hag aura saw them threw the trees and got jealous because she secretly thought Lycom was hot and hated Livana for stealing her fiancee even though she didn’t deserve him anyway.



Here it goes. Posting in 10 seconds. All I ask is you read if you want, and maybe review? Hope you like. :heart:

(Btw, I did the WHOLE THING ON MY PHONE so if you think it’s too short, why don’t you try.)


:sparkling_heart: Prologue :: Fairytaled Bachelor :sparkling_heart:

Please be aware that the only characters I own are Callie, Cara, and Lorelai. Everyone else belongs to other roleplayers, who HAVE graciously granted permission.

“Hello, ladies and gentlemen of all ages! It’s your man, Augustus Lynch, here for the 12th season of the Fairytaled Bachelor!” Augustus smiles at the camera, revealing his perfectly straight, white teeth. Augustus, the son of a poor family had great charisma, and good looks. He worked his way to the top. Nothing was just handed straight to him.

“This year’s bachelor is none other than Once Upon a Kingdom’s very own…Kace Huntsman!” Augustus smiles brilliantly as Kace walks onto the stage, winks at the camera, and then sits dow, in the red plush chair next to Augustus.

“So…Kace. How are,you feeling about all of this?” Augustus asks, smiling down at Kace. Kace smiles, and gives a little nod. “I’m pretty excited about this.” He smirks. “I mean, what 21 year old guy doesn’t want to be surrounded by seventeen gorgeous women falling at his feet?”

Augustus chuckles. “Right you are, Kace.” They continue asking questions…

Augustus: What do you find most attractive in a woman?
Kace (chuckles): I do like a woman who’s a bit of a challenge. But then again, who doesn’t like that innocent good girl who thinks you’re just misunderstood?
Augustus (laughs): Right again, my man. Right again.

They continue talking as the cameras film every second…

Meanwhile…with the contestants…

The girls scurried about, fixing their hair, ripping off and squeezing into glamorous dresses, applying coats of makeup, stuffing their bras, and of course, eyeing their competition.

Ayncee smiles at herself in the mirror. She had never felt so pretty. Her father had always told her dresses were not fit for the future Shadow Queen. But just one dress wouldn’t kill, right?
Smiling again at the dress, she let her mind wander. She wondered if her Mom would be watching the show. She wondered if it would make her proud that she had made it there.

:kiss: Odessa
Odessa dressed in white. White was purity. And Odessa needed to hide her darkness. Although she wasn’t a fan of the color, Odessa did like the design of the dress, loose, revealing, and it showed off her long, skinny legs. She didn’t even try to stop her laugh at all of the obvious losers around her. I’m gonna whip their @$$es

:crown: Aura
Aura sat on a stool, her eyes down, her hands in her lap. The perfect princess. This was the only time Aura wasn’t wearing the gold ring. She didn’t want to seem…unavailable. But she was betrothed. So why was she here? The answer: publicity. Her kingdom needed more power. And apparently the answer was a stupid show. Aura thought, trying not to roll her eyes. It was only for the fame. She was sure she’d be out the door shortly anyways. And her kingdom would get what it needed. Everything would be normal again.

:four_leaf_clover: Arissa
Arissa kicks down a table as she enters the place where all the girls have been gathered. Some look at her as if she’s out of her mind, but others, panicking to get ready, pay her no mind. Arissa’s rebellious heart had picked this outfit, not wanting some frilly gown to be in the way. Casually plopping down on a chair, Arissa cackles as she watch everyone panicking and scrambling about.

:icecream: Adaline
Quietly sitting on a chair, and braiding her long copper hair, Adaline hums to herself, a habit she had when she was nervous. Her dress was probably the most gorgeous thing she had ever touched. She accidentally made eye contact with another girl, and immediately looked down at her shoes. You’re never gonna get the guy if you can’t look a contestant in the eye. Aline, now,isn’t the time. There’s always time for your bestest friend. Aline…_ Whatever. I’ll be here, waiting for you to make the correct choice.

:high_heel: Colette
As usual, Colette is scowling. My dress is pinching my sides, my feet ache from my 7 inch stilettos, and my face is hardly recognizable under layers of make up. She couldn’t wait to **** up and go home.

:musical_note: Callie
Callie Charming was stuffing her bra with one hand, and finishing up her makeup with the other, in a desperate attempt to look older. She felt that she would simply die if the bachelor saw her as immature or “too young”. Die! She hoped Kai approved of the dress she was wearing, which was slightly more revealing than what he had helped her select. Oh well, there wasn’t time for that anyways. It was almost time!

:lips: Cara
Cara DeVille dusted some gray colored eyeshadow on both of her eyelids. Wiping away a drop of sweat from her cheek, she smiled at herself. I should’ve done the eyeliner first… She dusted off her gown. This could be her only chance to find love. She wondered what the bachelor looked like, and hoped he was nice…

:gem: Lorelai
You are sexy. Lorelai looks in the mirror, trying to appear confident as she smirks at herself. Gorgeous. Smart. Confident. Fearless. Everything he could ever want. Seductively, she rubs her hands down her sides to smooth out her gown. What wouldn’t he like about me? I have nothing to worry about, she thought. Looking out of the corner of her eye, she saw some blonde chick (Callie) desperately stuffing her bra, and piling on TONS of makeup. She needs help, Lorelai thought, rolling her eyes.

:white_flower: Blythe
Blythe nervously looks around, toying with a small hairtie that she kept around her wrist. She felt really self conscious, especially in the dress Ryuu had given her, she had to wear it, it was her only dress. Liking the dress, Blythey Bear? Ru?! What the heck? Where are you?
Watching the bachelor interview on TV. He is one hot tamale. Do you think… **Yes, Blythe, he’ll be exactly like your books. ** That wasn’t what I was going to say, you idiot!

:fire: Paige
Paige was NOT happy. She was fuming. She stomped into the room, and everyone avoided her, because her face was flaming with anger. Kicking over a chair and a makeup table, Paige threw one of her knives into the wall, then kicked the wall. After he kicks me out, in going to kill Parker for getting me into this. She was still wearing the “stupid” dress he told her to wear. Paige closes her brown eyes, and changes the dress into… Another dress. She looks down at herself and screams. This was a billion times worse. She’s about to change at in, but is ushered towards the gates. She doesn’t have time…

:rose: Cora
Smiling, Cora Hook jumps,in the air a bit, her dress flouncing around her. I had been waiting a long time for a chance like this. Besides, none of father’s pirate friends were her type. In a friendly manner, Cora waves at the other girls hoping for an ally or a friendly face. All she receives are either glares, or she is ignored. Everyone is so busy. Dissapointed, Cora sinks down onto a plush chair and waits.

:new_moon_with_face: Danae
Find his weakness. Destroy him. Danae wasn’t there for love, pish! She would find the bachelor’s weakness. Win his heart, and the, reject him to make him cry. She would form allies with the girls, then betray them. Oh, yes, she had plans.

:dizzy: Madyson
Is it weird that I’m excited about this? Madyson was crazy. So, no, it wasn’t odd for someone like her to be excited about this sort of thing. Dressed in her favorite dress, Maddie ran into the room, slapping and shoving everyone who was in her way, she was so stressed. She finally got to an empty makeup mirror. Ahh, thank the Hatter. Eyebrows still on fleek.

:notes: Kassidy
Kassidy felt she had nothing to worry about. Sexy outfit. Perfect hair. Impeccable makeup. And her personality. Bold, to match her makeup and clothes. She just couldn’t laugh. Or it would be all over for her. Hands on her hips, she sashayed over to the makeup mirror to gaze at how good she looked.

:two_hearts: Candice
Candice smiled brightly as she finished applying mascara. Besides some glittery pale pink lip balm, the mascara was the only other thing on her face. She thought natural makeup would be best, especially since she wanted to draw attention to attention to her beautiful ball gown. It had been her mother’s, and she had promised to take good care of it. Candice let out a cute little squeal. She was so excited for this, she had always liked the idea of love.

:open_book: McKenzie
McKenzie was so unsure about this. Looking around at the other girls…she was so…average. Even her dress was dull next to theirs. With your personality, you wouldn’t win anyways. She told herself, burying her nose deep in her novel.

End of Prologue

Author’s Note: Okay. It feels so good to be done! This took me hours, and I’m so tired, it is past midnight here. I put so much work and effort into this, and I really hope you guys enjoy it. I did my best to write each character. I would love some comments and reviews. Thank you for reading, from the bottom of my heart. And thank you to my Fairytaled fam, gosh, what would I do without you.

**Next on… Fairytaled Bachelor…
Watch as each contestant is introduced to Kace. Will he like them? Will they like him? You will also learn about how the show will work, and where everyone will be staying. **

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:two_hearts:Feel free to ask/answer anything else :slight_smile: I would really appreciate a review, I think I deserve one after all I did :wink: I am open to suggestions (respectful and kind ones) and requests!

Xoxo, River


My fave character were mine, obviously. (kace and Arissa) ya friggin captured em perfectly child, I’m proud of you. Arissa is just so bad a** and I love it. And Kaces comments were spot on :ok_hand:t2: You also portrayed Adaline pretty well, I thought at least. Good job overall girl!
I don’t think I had a least favorite character. They all amused me :joy::joy:

I wanna see some drama. Some tearing out of the hair and cat fights. Ya know. The usual bachelor drama


My only nitpick is her name is Adaline. But other than that it was great. LOVED that you added Ryuu. Colette was very well done. I didn’t understand this for Aline:

What does that mean? But other than that. Well done. TAKE NOTES CRICKET!

What do I want to see next… Same as jk. Have some drama! Some pain!


Aha! Thank you so much, and I’m glad I did it right, I didn’t know if I made Arissa too bad@$$ or not enough! :smiley: Glad you liked his comments, I’m a little new at being the “bad boy”, so glad it worked. Yay for Adaline, too! :confetti_ball:

Glad you liked everyone, so did I! :slight_smile:

Oh, and don’t you worry. Things will get intense. This was only the prologue. :smirk:

I’m so glad you liked, and hope you continue to read!

Xoxo, River. :heart_eyes:


Oops, sorry about the name. All fixed. :slight_smile:

You know I can’t do nothin’ without Ru! :wink: I’m glad you liked his cameo.

I was so worried about Colette not being sarcastic or upset enough. Glad you liked. :clap:

I was trying to say Aline was saying there was always room in Adaline’s life for Aline to take control. I changed it, is it better? :thinking: I know it wasn’t the best.

One heaping tray of Drama, Ronance, and a splash of Comedy coming soon!

Xoxo, River :heart_eyes:



YES, AMAZIG, BRAVO, BRILLIANT and any other good words you can think of! :clap:


Omg! Thank you so much, Mashia! It means so much.:heart_eyes::two_hearts::two_hearts:


For the comedy, give more cameos for Ryuu. You know he’ll watch Blythe make a fool of herself and comment on it. :grin:

Also, that makes so much more sense now.


Aha, you got it! I’m really understanding how fun it must be to RP as Ru! :heart::heart_eyes: And, yes, he would totally do that, XD

Ah, glad I was able to clear things up! :slight_smile:

Xoxo, River


Haha! I loved reading my two. You captured Aura perfectly, and the dress. :heart_eyes: Plus I love your reason, because it’s so accurate! I liked Odessa too, though she would have gone much more revealing on the dress - heck, she’d have shown up naked if she really wanted - But I do like that she’s knows she’s gonna win. Feel free to go all out with her. She is the biggest player, after all. But you did good. I liked it! :grin:



Then Lycomedes knew he had to ask Livana to the Valentine’s Dance.
When they were walking home, Lycom ran off to the flower shop. Then the evil hag Aura came along and started bullying Livana.
Who do you think you are, ugly? You think you van just steal my boyfriens like that b***?
Livana POV:
she always bullys me at school because she is jelous of my looks, and everyone knows that she has plastic surgery.
Normal POV
Aura took a knife and held it along Livana’s delicate wrist. Livana was so scared and couldn’t move.
Then Lycom came back and saw what was happening.
Lycom POV:
Oh no!!! that hag is hurting my my love!
Normal POV:
Lycomedes ripped off his shirt, revealing his chiseled abs that @jkdelbian would hartily aprove of.
When Aura saw him, she batted her eyelashes.
Lycomedes, sweetheart. Have you realized how much of a coward your “soulmate” really is?
Then Lycom yelled
Shes not a coward you’re a monster! She’s my true love, now get out of here. He used his MAGICAL POWAA to make Aura leave.
I’ll be back! Just you wait!
Lycomedes realized that he had to be brave for Aura
Then Livana looked him in the eyes and said
Lycom-kun, there’s something I have to tell you, I-I’m pregnent.
R-really! Th-thats wonderfull!11
Lycom got down on his knee and asked,
Will you g-go to th-the Valentine’s D-dance with me?
Yes! Yes! A thousand times yes! I love you, Lycom-kun!






I died from laughing, too! This is pure gold! XD
Thank you for blessing us with this story. :heart:


My pleasure. ; )


HAha I loved Paige. Though I’m guessing it would’ve been Piper who put her into the show, not Parker. Or both of them. But overall, it was great! You did great with all of mine. But Paige… I’m dying. That was so her.